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Electric or Manual Meat Grinders?

Posted by on Sep 4, 2011 in Meat processing | Comments Off on Electric or Manual Meat Grinders?

Using meat grinders in the home is extremely trustworthy in terms of, you actually are informed about what is going into your body, as compared to the time when you purchase readily crushed meat. You may make use of manual meat grinders or electric meat grinders. It is noteworthy that when you mince the meat in the house with these appliances, you can organize the degree as well as quantity of meat. Additionally, you can organize the amount of fat in the meat. Meat grinders ascertain you that the ground turkey, burger or sausages your dear ones are having is safe. You may consider that manual meat grinders are things used in the past. But it is not so. They are still used extensively owing to their easily functioning formation and surety of offering healthy crushed meat. You are...

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Finding The Best Food Slicers!

Posted by on Sep 4, 2011 in Meat processing | Comments Off on Finding The Best Food Slicers!

Food slicer is an extremely useful appliance for the purpose of preparing sandwiches as well as other dishes. As such, food slicers are of several categories, on the basis of the needs of the customers. Additionally there are moderate-sized food slicers designed for a house kitchen and there are big ones also designed for business tasks. Sorts vary as per the functions too, such as there are vegetable slicers, fruit slicers and meat and cheese slicers. One more distinguishing point is, some can slice your food, while certain others are able to prepare cubes. Commonly meat slicers work on electric power and possess spinning blade for the purpose of trouble-free meat-slicing. Due to the energy of the instrument you can slice an entire chicken breast, legs of ham, a side of beef, etc. easily. Several kinds are sold in...

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Meat Mixers

Posted by on Sep 4, 2011 in Meat processing | Comments Off on Meat Mixers

Meat mixers are not merely used for the purpose of mixing meat, but they are very much helpful in mixing various other foods, like nuts, veggies and fruits. Added to this they are not only useful for accomplishing the work of mixing the foods; they are also able to make your dough, and chop, mince, grind and cut meat and other food items. Meat mixer has become a vital tool in present day kitchen. There are 2 kinds of meat mixers namely, stand mixers and hand mixers. Both these accomplish the task of mixer for you, i.e. blending, combining, whipping or whisking various food items. Both the mixers comprise of parts like motor, beaters, frame, and electrical cord. You should take into consideration the difference between the two of them and then determine which one will suit you perfectly....

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Hamburger Press

Posted by on Sep 4, 2011 in Meat processing | Comments Off on Hamburger Press

Hamburger press is a good way towards harmless food. Nowadays when foods for example burgers, bacon, beef, sausages and steak are so well-admired, laypeople scarcely take into consideration the safety of these delicacies. They assume that as the meat is boiled thoroughly, it is healthy. But you must step out of fool’s paradise. Even the carefully cooked meat may has innumerable bacteria and harmful contents. This is because, usually cattle are instilled with hormones before they are slaughtered. Really speaking this is implemented to enhance the quality of the meat, but it generates exactly the opposite result, i.e. the meat changes to be unsafe. The class of the meat is also dependent remarkably on what the cattle used to consume. There is one more threat in the meat business. Out of date meat is colored so attractively that it...

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Meat Packaging Techniques

Posted by on Sep 4, 2011 in Meat processing | Comments Off on Meat Packaging Techniques

Meat packaging is accomplished by wrapping the meat items with the help of defensive materials and is necessary to save the meat from atmospheric hazards. In the past period, the materials used were natural objects like leaves, however as time went by innovative progresses were found out causing meat packaging materials such as synthetic as well as paper films. Yet another essential characteristic for the meat packaging material is, it is required to be water-vapor-proof, the reason being quite a lot of water as well as characteristics are given out from the sausages, cooked ham and fresh meat, when they stay unpacked. Packaging saves the meat from decaying by dust, bacteria, parasitic organisms and poisonous objects, from developing odd aroma, color and flavor and from losing or addition of water content. Still this is secondary decomposition. There are bacteria...

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Sausage Making

Posted by on Sep 4, 2011 in Meat processing | Comments Off on Sausage Making

The mouthwatering sausages, can be purchased from the market; still preparing them all by yourself is something which cannot be compared to anything. The art of sausage making requires some duration to accomplish, but if you achieve it, you and your buddies will not wish to eat the purchased ones. Albeit preparing sausages is not quite complex, it asks for some extent of frequent practice, some particular judgments, as well as some patience, and obviously the correct appliances. Sausages can be roughly divided into fresh and cured. Fresh ones are cooked just prior to serving. Breakfast, bratwurst, Italian and Polish sausages fall in this sort. They can either be stuffed into casings or can be given the form of patties or they can be fried like hamburgers. Cured sausages are prepared in a way so that they can be...

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