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The Best Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Tidy in 2021

Posted by on Jan 21, 2021 in Decor | Comments Off on The Best Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Tidy in 2021

If your New Years’ resolution in 2021 is to keep your kitchen tidy, then you could probably use a helping hand. Kitchens are one of the busiest spaces in the home and so maintaining the calm and clutter-free aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of is no mean feat. However, when you do manage to get your kitchen ship-shape, you’ll certainly reap the rewards. Not only will your newly organised kitchen look stunning but it will make cooking and sharing your space with your family much easier and more enjoyable. We’ve put together a great list of tips and suggestions to help point you in the right direction. Drawers Instead of Shelves We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to empty our kitchen cupboards to find the one thing we need hiding at the back; thankfully in good quality modern kitchens,...

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Commercial induction cooktops: an alternative during COVID-19 lockdown

Posted by on Nov 5, 2020 in Kitchen Appliances | Comments Off on Commercial induction cooktops: an alternative during COVID-19 lockdown

Affected by COVID-19, many restaurants in China were forced to close or launch the limited take-out business in the first quarter of 2020. Daily traffic in restaurants around the world has also begun to drop sharply. As an commercial induction hob manufacturer – the end of the equipment supply chain, its business faces difficulties and opportunities. The orders are reduced or delayed for commercial induction cookers from existing partners Take Xibei Oat Noodle Village Restaurant (China’s largest Northwest gourmet restaurant chain) as an example. The company closed more than 400 offline restaurants and only maintained the take-out business of around 100 restaurants. As a knock-on effect, the number of orders from the Lestov factory, which has been supplying commercial induction cooktop to Xibei restaurants, has also decreased. In October 2019, Lestov promoted the electromagnetic “induction cooking” concept at the...

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11 Tips to Clean, Disinfect and Organize your Hygienic kitchen sink

Posted by on Jun 12, 2020 in Kitchen cleaning supplies | Comments Off on 11 Tips to Clean, Disinfect and Organize your Hygienic kitchen sink

Kitchen is the heart of the house and the sink is the heart of the kitchen. The way the heart cleans the blood and supplies the whole body. Likewise, the sink cleans the dishes, pans, fruits, vegetables, raw meat, dirty clothes and sponges, dusty pots and stained appliances. If you don’t take care of the kitchen sink it would be more stinky, and filthy than a toilet seat. Lime, hard water stains make the sink look older and dirty. Bacteria, hair, food leftover may clog the sink drain. Wet sponges and cleaning tools may build up bacteria, mold and fungus. If you intend to use chemical or acid disinfectant to clean the kitchen sink then let me tell you that it is a kitchen not a toilet. You keep food related stuff here. Any chemical is hazardous for your...

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What You’re Likely to Find on the Chef’s Restaurant Menu

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 in Kitchen General | Comments Off on What You’re Likely to Find on the Chef’s Restaurant Menu

Celebrity chef restaurants are exciting places. Their menus are filled with all types of weird and wonderful creations, each one unique and profoundly delicious. The chef’s restaurant menu really is something to marvel at. No matter where in the world the restaurant is situated, it will offer all kinds of tasty dishes to those lucky enough to get a table there. Here are some of the most popular from around the world. Sushi Roll, TYO This chef restaurant (Tel Aviv) is famous for its Japanese cuisine. With food cooked by a cooking genius, the restaurant is able to offer up Asian food that will set your heart ablaze. One of the most popular dishes at the restaurant is the sushi roll. This universally popular dish featuring fish, rice and seaweed is enough to put a smile on anybody’s face,...

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Interesting Facts about Real Tea

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in Kitchen Supplies | Comments Off on Interesting Facts about Real Tea

Real tea is a beverage that people take every day. Many consider it a boring beverage because it has been there since they can remember. What people do not know is that the beverage has some very exciting facts. It probably has more facts than the world or any other product you believe has numerous facts. Some of these facts include: o There are about one thousand five hundred types of tea in existence world over. o Britain is the second largest consumer of the beverage since they drink about 165 million cups daily. o Ireland is the largest consumer of tea in the world. o Sir Lanka and China is the world’s largest producers of tea. o At least 85% of the tea that is consumed in the United States is iced tea considering they consume about 1.42...

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