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Commercial induction cooktops: an alternative during COVID-19 lockdown

Affected by COVID-19, many restaurants in China were forced to close or launch the limited take-out business in the first quarter of 2020. Daily traffic in restaurants around the world has also begun to drop sharply. As an commercial induction hob manufacturer – the end of the equipment supply chain, its business faces difficulties and opportunities.

The orders are reduced or delayed for commercial induction cookers from existing partners

Take Xibei Oat Noodle Village Restaurant (China’s largest Northwest gourmet restaurant chain) as an example. The company closed more than 400 offline restaurants and only maintained the take-out business of around 100 restaurants. As a knock-on effect, the number of orders from the Lestov factory, which has been supplying commercial induction cooktop to Xibei restaurants, has also decreased.

In October 2019, Lestov promoted the electromagnetic “induction cooking” concept at the Milan exhibition in Italy and attracted a batch of new sample orders from European buyers, which made us very excited. However, the continuous spread of the epidemic in 2020 has forced their next purchase plans to be shelved.

Commercial induction cooktops become an alternative during the lockdown

Because electricity bills are more expensive, some restaurants tend to use gas kitchen equipment. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, there is a shortage of liquefied petroleum gas on the market, which has promoted people’s willingness to buy induction cookers. Learned from the commercial induction cooktop manufacturer-Lestov factory, the company has received many inquiries about induction cookers, mainly commercial deep fryers and automatic cooking machines. Compared with 2019, the search interest for “Induction Cooker” on Alibaba International Station has increased by about ten times.

With the deepening of environmental protection policies and the gas energy limitation, some governments have adopted intervention incentive policies, which promoted the induction ranges to become an alternative during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the Indian government implemented a subsidy program worth about 1 billion rupees to encourage induction stoves to use. Costa Rican customers have become witnesses and promoters of environmentally friendly cooking equipment with practical actions. In July 2020, 1500 sets of commercial induction cooktops from Lestov have gone into the Costa Rica market and received excellent feedback.

Keep fighting

The biggest challenge right now is not knowing when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, which means that the catering industry’s recovery will be prolonged.

As far as the catering industry that consumers are concerned about, everyone can take adequate measures to help them tide over the crisis by complying with health and safety regulations. For manufacturers of commercial induction cooking equipment, consistent adherence to the best quality and service is the most potent support for restaurant operators.

Remind you to control the spread of COVID-19 again, pay attention to social isolation and other response requirements, etc. Believe that humans can defeat the Coronavirus!

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