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Exterior Door Tips for home and Business

Whatever style of building you envisage for your home or office, there
is no getting around the fact that you will need at least two means of
entry in and out of the structure through exterior doors. Essentially,
the difference (both can be decorative) between domestic and business
exterior door styles is that for domestic purposes, the goal is either
to provide maximum security or increase the eventual resale value of
the house, while businesses are subject to stricter fire code

Peripheral doors for single
family homes
can add a great deal of resale value to the home. In
addition to the extra value represented by the material investment the
entrance to a structure forms the first impression of a person
visiting it for the first time, so a prospective buyer who is wowed by
the experience of entering your home will be much more likely to close
a sale closer to the sellers’ asking price. This effect alone is worth
as much as even the most ambitious exterior door installation project.
Security must, however, always be a factor, as the doors and windows
are the easiest means of entry for an intruder. Strong hinges and one
or more deadbolts should be enough to deny entrance to all but the
most committed intruders gaining entry through them.

Businesses must take two main differences into consideration, fire
codes and that have much wider choices for exterior doors. The biggest
difference is that most commercial doors are required to open “out”
from the building, to meet local fire codes. Whether or not your
business must have doors this way depends on your structures intended
capacity. Businesses also have the option of sung rotating doors as
well. These are very useful for speeding up traffic in and out of the
structure. Many businesses can opt for structurally weaker styles of
door, especially if they have 24 hour on site security. French panel
doors, for example, are popular with restaurant owners because they
add to the sense of space, and they allow the manager to keep an eye
on the outdoor tables as well.

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