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Interesting Facts about Real Tea

food tea sugar sweetsReal tea is a beverage that people take every day. Many consider it a boring beverage because it has been there since they can remember. What people do not know is that the beverage has some very exciting facts. It probably has more facts than the world or any other product you believe has numerous facts. Some of these facts include:

o There are about one thousand five hundred types of tea in existence world over.
o Britain is the second largest consumer of the beverage since they drink about 165 million cups daily.
o Ireland is the largest consumer of tea in the world.
o Sir Lanka and China is the world’s largest producers of tea.
o At least 85% of the tea that is consumed in the United States is iced tea considering they consume about 1.42 million pounds every day of the beverage.
o Every year over 3 million tons worth of the beverage are produced world over.
o Tea is the most consumed beverage world over after water.
o Black tea undergoes the longest process of oxidation during manufacture while white tea undergoes the shortest.
o It takes about four to twelve years for a tea plant to produce seed and about three before it is ready for harvest.
o Tea plantations need an average of 10 inches of rain every year to thrive.
o During harvesting just the top one or two inches are picked to make tea. The flashes grow back within 7 to 15 days during the growth season.
o A tree plant can grow into a tree that is as tall as 52 feet if the leaves are not harvested.
o In china they call black tea red tea.
o The most expensive real tea in the world is a rare Chinese tea that is called Tieguanyin. It is an oolong tea which goes for around 1500 dollars per lb.
o Well over 65% of tea brewed in the United States is made using tea bags.
o Both the iced tea and the tea bags were invented in the United States in 1904.
o A cup of tea contains half the caffeine contained in a cup of coffee.
o Black tea constitutes about 75% of the world’s consumption of tea.
o In many parts of the world taking tea is an important part of the day and the beverage is used as an expression of hospitality.
o When guests are being served tea in china, they tap two or three fingers on the table to illustrate their gratitude to the server.
o Initially in England, tea was sold in coffee houses where only men were allowed.
o During the late 18th century, tea was predominantly imported illegally.
o Solid blocks of tea were used as currency in Siberia until the 19th century.
o A marriage therapist popularly known as Andrew G. Marshall suggests that couples should stop during sex to take a cup of tea and talk to each other.
o The Tannic acid in black tea is said to help one in getting rid of warts.
o The tannins found in green tea are very helpful in stopping bleeding by coagulating blood.
o When actors are required to drink whisky in a film or TV scene, they are often just drinking watered down tea which assumes the appearance of whisky.
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