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Renewing your Mudroom and Kitchen

A homeowner seeks the help of experts to make her clutter disappear. She is too busy carrying out her duties as a mom while at the same time, doing her responsibilities as a business owner. Because of this, she has been neglecting the pileup that has been building at home. Her house is so cluttered that more often than not, she cannot locate things anymore and ends up having to purchase a replacement for those things she can no longer find.

New PictureHer mudroom is quite small but acts as a mudroom and a laundry space at the same time. It doesn’t help that her three kids go in and out of there causing the clutter to be more chaotic than it already is.


On the other hand, her kitchen is in the same condition as her mudroom. It is no longer able to function as a kitchen since it so cramped up most especially since that is where she stores all the finds that she gets from the flea-market. It is so cluttered that it is no longer a surprise to find the vitamins for the kids together with their crayons. The bowls that she uses for mixing is placed right next to the wheels of her kids’ skateboard.


New Picture (2)New Picture (1)

The experts plan in taking the laundry area to the family room. This way, the mudroom will be freed up and can be easily organized. In the kitchen, they also plan to convert the coat closet where kitchen items can be stored, like that of a pantry. The goal here is to make the rooms soothing.

The carpet was removed from the mudroom and the floor that it used to cover was instead painted. A cubby space was also setup where the supplies can be stored, coats to be hanged and the like.


KitchenThe new kitchen now sported a bigger table for dining with matching chairs, a hutch used for showcasing collections since it had a glass front and finally, an island in the kitchen having multiple drawers for storage.

Laundry roomLaundry room

A new room intended for the laundry area was set up just right by their family room. For storage, they took one of the cabinets that the family has not been using that much and had that mounted. It was then setup in such a way that the drawers were now on the bottom for convenience. Bins were also put in the area to help the family sort their whites from their colored laundry.


mudroomEach family member gets to have their own area in their mudroom complete with their own baskets for miscellaneous things. The system mandated that each member is responsible of taking away their respective items once their own bins are full.


storage with all the drawers The island that just got reinstated in the kitchen provided a good working place as well as for storage with all the drawers that came with it.


huge table with matching chairs A huge table with matching chairs took the place of the old pair of small tables that used to be in the kitchen. There is now enough room for the children’s playmates that are always coming over.


spacious hutch The spacious hutch they just put in showcases the homeowner’s decorative items as well as the things she had bought in from the flea market. It had a glass front panel to prevent and damage happening to the items inside and at the same time, to minimize the buildup of dust.





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