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What You’re Likely to Find on the Chef’s Restaurant Menu

food varietyCelebrity chef restaurants are exciting places. Their menus are filled with all types of weird and wonderful creations, each one unique and profoundly delicious.

The chef’s restaurant menu really is something to marvel at. No matter where in the world the restaurant is situated, it will offer all kinds of tasty dishes to those lucky enough to get a table there.

Here are some of the most popular from around the world.

Sushi Roll, TYO

This chef restaurant (Tel Aviv) is famous for its Japanese cuisine. With food cooked by a cooking genius, the restaurant is able to offer up Asian food that will set your heart ablaze. One of the most popular dishes at the restaurant is the sushi roll. This universally popular dish featuring fish, rice and seaweed is enough to put a smile on anybody’s face, especially when prepared by TYO’s chef, Yama Sun.

celeb chef Yama Sun

Mediterranean Food, Fifteen

The Fifteen restaurant belongs to TV’s favorite, Jamie Oliver. Opened in 2002, this eatery offers a selection of dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Sample the ripest tomatoes and the richest sauces, and enjoy wines from Spain and Italy, all while still in your hometown. The restaurant has a great atmosphere too, even though trainee chefs do most of the cooking.

Italian Food, Locanda Locatelli

Everybody loves Italian food. There’s something about the herbs, the pastas, the cheeses, and the wines that just makes people happy. Perhaps that’s why celebrity chef Giorgio Locatelli decided to open up his own restaurant selling this particular variety of food.

Here you can find classic Italian soul food at surprisingly reasonable prices. Sample the finest hams, meats and fresh vegetables, and enjoy a night out that you won’t forget in a hurry.celeb chef's restaurant


Grill, Marco Grill

Marco Pierre White has infused British and French cooking to create a menu that’s completely unique. Located at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea football club, this restaurant offers a range of dishes that appeal to every taste bud. The venue itself is extraordinarily stylish, and as you can expect, epitomizes West London effortlessly.

Those who dine here will be able to take their pick from a whole host of meaty dishes, including sirloin steaks. While getting a seat here isn’t easy, you can probably tell it’s definitely worth it.

Mexican Food, Wahaca

Sometimes, a celebrity chef menu can really eat away at the money in your pocket. Perhaps that was why Thomasina Miers created her own restaurant called Wahaca. This restaurant focuses on reasonably priced Mexican food, and does an amazing job at offering up dishes to die for.

While Wahaca may not have the same glamor as other restaurants mentioned on this list, it is a great entry level place to eat. If you’re starting out on your celebrity chef restaurant adventure and don’t have much money to spend, this particular place is perfect for you.

food variety

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