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Granite in the Kitchen

granite1Granite Facts & Information

So you are looking at purchasing some granite to place in a kitchen, bathroom or any other room within your house, not only will this add value to your home, but it will last a lot longer that wood, chipboard or plastics. Stone is ageless will always be in demand.

Granite is a natural stone and has been used as a building material for many centuries. Granite is an igneous rock which means that it is formed by volcanic activity, which strength approaches that of diamonds.

When buying granite, be sure to inspect the piece 1st, never buy granite online without seeing the actual cut, as every slate is unique and could be bad quality. The granite mineral composition is composed primarily of quartz, mica and feldspar as well as other minerals. The minerals are what determine the colour variations in the stone. most of which are unique, here are some great examples!

Granite in the Kitchen

Granite is tough, but not unbreakable and it is important that you look after it with the right products, Before granite is fitted into a home, it is cut, inspected, polished and treated. Granite generally comes scratch resistant and heat resistant, resistant is never 100%. Granites melting point is around 1215°c, so you should be pretty safe putting pots and pans on the side.



At present, there are several companies in the world that make use of generic names to denote different kinds of stone. Because of this, a problem has taken place for the market of stone maintenance. The original nomenclature was in Italian. Normally the name contains two parts, of which the first part explains the color of the stone and the other denotes the place from where it was quarried.

Stone Colors

Italian Term English Translation
Dorato / D’oro Gold
Breccia Broken Portions
Azzuro Blue
Fiore Flower
Nero/Negro Black
Giallo Yellow
Rosa Pink
Perlato/Perla Pearl
Bianco White
Verde Green
Bianco Rosso Whitish Red

Negro Marquina is a black-colored marble belonging to Marquina in Spain.
Bianco Carrara is a white-colored marble from Carrara in Italy.


As mentioned earlier, stone was produced from natural minerals of various kinds. Marble’s major consistency is of calcium. The natural basis is Calcium carbonate that binds the stone. Some additional minerals mixed with calcium during production to modify these vivid colors. The additional minerals are color developers too existing in granite as well as other stones.

Stone Colors/Minerals

Stone Color Shade
Brown Limonite
Black Carbon, Hornblende, Biotite
Green Mica, Chloride, Silicate
Gray Various Minerals
White Hematite Calcite, Feldspar, Dolomite
Red Hematite
Yellow Limonite

Individual Mineral Colors

Mineral Color of Mineral
Augite Purple, Black, Green, Brown
Biotite Green, Brown, Black
Calcite Pale Colors and Pearlenscent
Dolomite Pale Brown, Pink, Colorless
Feldspar Grey, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
Hematite Black or Metallic Grey
Hornblende Limonite
Hornblende Black, Brown, Yellow, Green
Limonite Yellow, Brown or Black
Sulphur Pale Gold


Written by Brad Houston

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