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Cooking tamales without corn husks?

no husk tamale trayAre you a busy working professional who comes home exhausted after a long day at the office? Or are you a full-time parent who has no time to cook after taking care of the kids all day long? Are you tired of heating up frozen food for you and your family to dine on? Do you wish you could prepare authentic tasting ethnic dishes for your family but lack the necessary time to cook these delicacies?

Wait no longer! You can have homemade, fresh tamales in less than one hour! Introducing the first ever, one-of-a-kind, Nohusktamalemaker. The Nohusktamalemakeris a revolutionary new steam-ware product that consists of FDA approved food grade silicone rubber trays with corresponding lids. You just put your homemade or store-bought masa dough and any fillings you want (like meat, cheese, fruit) in these trays, then simply steam them in a covered roasting pan in a water bath in your oven. Traditionally made tamales require you to spread the masa dough and fillings individually in corn husks and then roll and tie each one, then place each one verticallyin a steam basket in a pot to steamover the stove which can take up to 90 minutes.

no husk tamale tray

If you have a craving for tamales and want to eat fresh, homemade ones, you can make them quickly with little work with this product. That’s why my motto is “No husk means no fuss!”And as an added benefit, your tamales will be uniform looking, unlike traditionally made tamales which vary in size and shape, and they will also have a cute emblem of a corn cob on each tamale!

no husk tamale

We take advantage of modern conveniences everyday…just look at how many of us rely on our cell phones throughout the day! Why not try the No husk, no fuss tamale maker and enjoy tamales all year round instead of just during the holidays?

Please join me in welcoming this new product to market by visiting my website at

You will find recipes to try and an instructional video to watch which will explain how simple this product is to use.

Thank you for your support and happy eating!

…By Lori Burda

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