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Tips for Country Kitchen Decor

If you already have a great, functional kitchen, but you want to give it a country makeover, I have good news for you: it can be done successfully without any major changes. You need few country decor items and, of course, to continue reading this article cause I have eight simple tips for you!
1. Make overhead lamp by using upside-down basket and hang them with a rope. You can do it yourself or you could visit the local light store and choose some country light fixture. A chandelier will say French country like nothing else. In fact, with the right light fixture, you’ll make the perfect country mood.

2. Gingham curtains, linens and paper table cloth are so country-like and beautiful. Plus, red checked items will surely brighten up your kitchen.

vintage-counter-paper-towel-holder3. You know those iron and copper pots and pans in your basement? Well, hang them out, let them shine for everybody to see and admire.

4. Get several country decor items, such as wrought iron paper towel holder. An old-school milk bottle will look lovely when filled with garden flowers.

5. If you already have got stone counter-tops, great! However, wooden ones can be stained to make them look used – trust me, they will be lovely!

6. An indoor herb garden is always a good idea. For the country look, use bright pots, fill them with potting soil and just plant all those herbs you need in the kitchen, such as basil and sage.

7. Get creative with decoupage! Add a tall (and narrow, if you don’t have enough space) cabinet, paint it with bright color, stick neatly cut pictures on glossy paper and cover with clear varnish. Your beautiful decoupage country-like cabinet is ready!

8. Put up a large antique clock on one of the walls.

You see, it’s quite easy to create that cozy, warm, country mood even if you have a modern kitchen! Have fun with this makeover!

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