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5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Organised

kitchen cupboard organisersIt’s a wonderful fact that we use our kitchen every day, but give only a little thought to its organisation and tidiness. Maybe this is because we don’t perfectly plan what we’ll cook every day and what will we need to have at hand. However, even a kitchen can be well organised and the mess can be minimised. Let’s see how.

1. Place Everyday Items at Eye-level

Although we don’t plan what we’d like to have at hand every day, we have a rough idea of what items we need on a regular basis. If we keep those items on spot where we can easily see them, much of our confusion will come to an end. You can make the best use of kitchen cupboard organisers by using the shelves at eye-level for everyday items and top or lower shelves for lesser-used items.

2. Label Containers

Labeling containers makes one’s life much easier, especially when the containers are not clear. But even if they are clear, some items look similar and can create a confusion regarding what they are. Labels can remove this confusion.

3. Place Packets in Baskets Vertically

Baskets and bins are great for organising foods; but if you keep throwing packets in them randomly, you’d have to dig everything out to get your desired item. A better idea is to keep each packet vertically, so that you can just pull each packet slightly out and see whether it’s a ready mix, pasta or a dried snack item.

4. Be Careful about Lids

Misplacing lids can create great problems and all your effort to keep your food items safe from weather elements and pests can be wasted. Don’t forget to place the lids of their respective containers in place. Lids that don’t fit on containers can pop out making the food items inside the containers exposed to air and pests.

5. Keep a Separate Drawer Reserved for Spices and other Foods with Strong Smells

Spices and foods like onion and garlic have their own aroma which they can pass on to other foods and though this is not harmful in any way, it’s enough to spoil the taste. It’s a good idea to store spices and other strong-smelling foods away from other foods, especially essences and desserts. And although it’s not necessary, you can label the drawer to know that it contains spices.

Once you start using these tricks, your creativity will be automatically triggered and you’ll get new effective ideas to organise your kitchen. Just don’t forget to share them with us. All the best!

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