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4 Tasty Tips to Equip Your Kitchen for Making Vegan and Vegetarian Meals Easily

You’ve decided to be a vegetarian or a vegan! This may be daunting at first, obviously because you don’t know a good replacement for an egg in an omelet or for pork in pork chops or tenderloin! But believe me, vegan or vegetarian choices are not limited. With the available vegetables, grains, beans and spices, you can create a gustatory heaven in your kitchen. You just need to remember a few things.

1. Start Simple

To make your job easy of making vegan vegetarian meals, you can apply a great trick of making soup stock which is super simple to make. Then you can add it to dishes as a great flavour. It will not only save you from spending on expensive commercially sold stocks, but also act as a wonderful source of nutrition. Just add 6-8 cups of vegetable pieces to a large pot of water and boil at low temperature until the liquid is decreased to around 50-60% of its volume. You can store this stock in the fridge. Use a variety of vegetables like carrots, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, leeks, garlic, parsley, potatoes, parsnip and more. You can even use spices and herbs to make the stock tasty.

2. Equip Your Kitchen with All Spices and Herbs

If you and your other family members are foodies and want something tasty every day, spices have no alternative. Learn about all the spices, Indian, Mexican, Moroccan, Italian and even Ethiopian, and make your own spice blends. Store them in airtight jars and add 1-2 teaspoon to your dishes to make a blast of flavours.

3. Make Recipes According to Set Formulas

If you use your creativity, you’ll be able to interchange ingredients of various recipes and create new tastes and obtain all the nutrients too. This will enable you to make food with whatever you have at hand while breaking out of the box of traditional recipes. For example, if you have a spinach soup recipe in front of you but don’t have spinach at hand; so, you can replace it with any other vegetable. Same way you can replace grains with other grains, beans with other beans and so on.

4. Keep Your Pantry Well-stocked

Your kitchen cupboards should have some key ingredients, like nutritional yeast that can provide you a cheesy and nutty taste, proteins and B-vitamins. As there is a risk of getting deficient in B-vitamins with veganism, you should have an ample stock of cheese, soy, etc. in your pantry.

Do you now think that making vegetarian or vegan meals is challenging? I hope you don’t. So, happy cooking!

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