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Country Style Kitchens – How to Achieve that Coziness?

RS002_06Though modern times brings us a lot of comfort, convenience and facilities, the charm of country will remain unmatched. And this is the reason, why country style kitchens are preferred even in modern homes. Stylish country kitchens decorated tastefully and thoughtfully bring a unique touch of class to your home and there are numerous ideas to decorate the kitchen to achieve that very country feel. If we consider different elements of our kitchen and think over them, applying creativity and imagination, we can get the desired results in form of a cozy, relaxing, unwinding country kitchen.

Cane Baskets, Copper Pots, Brightness…

cane baskets-copper pots

See this country kitchen for example. What is it which is giving this room that unwinding, yet stylish look? You are right! The cane baskets and weathered copper and other pots that are cleverly selected from old markets and kept hanging from a suspended ladder can give an incredible charm and uniqueness to the kitchen. The walls are of light color, doused with bright sunlight coming in from wide glass window and door is another essential part of the joyful look. The four-legged friend sitting patiently, a kitchen plant, a fruit bowl, etc add more homeliness to the entire setting.

Miscellany without Clutter

wooden stool and table

And look at this one. If you see keenly you will notice that there are a lot of items stored here, but it never looks cluttered. Here the wooden table and stool are giving a true vintage feeling. Plates and pots are stored under the table and have been kept hanging above it too, but in a style!

Slanting Ceiling

slanting ceiling

A slanting ceiling is like the soul of a country kitchen. Look at this one and you will realize that. To add to it, the floor is made of a brick pattern. Bright colors, a compact kitchen plant kept on a whitewashed platform, aprons hanging, the trash can beside the refrigerator…what else can give you a feeling of coziness?

Stone Walls, Wooden Furniture, Earthen Pots, Greenery…

stone wall, earthen pots

And take a look here! Okay, I agree that if anybody of us has such a house, s/he doesn’t need to search for design ideas! But we can at least take some inspiration from it. What is it that makes this kitchen so o o o attractive? The stone walls? The wooden cabinets, table and chair? The earthen pots? The plants? You can surely add all these elements to your kitchen though it is a city kitchen and is small, and get a slice of this rusticity!

Joyful Colors and Stone Floor

stone floor-joyful colors

And this will certainly appeal you because of its joyful colors spread artistically over an unfinished stone floor. The contrast of colors is truly attractive and offers a superb coordination in tones of different areas of the kitchen and creates a farmhouse atmosphere.

On the whole, you can create a cozy country style kitchen easily by adding certain elements like stone walls and floor, a slanting ceiling with wooden beams and skylights, lots of plants, wooden furniture, cane baskets and weathered pots, a selection of bright colors for doors, windows and other elements, and so on. Plus, you can add pictures of farm animals, fruits, veggies and many such things which will give you that country feeling. You just have to use a little creativity and you will achieve it.

rooster1henstars & berries

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