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7 Great Tips to Make Your Kitchen Highly Functional

Tips for kitchen non-stop workingKitchen is a room in a home where a lot of activity takes place and a lot of gases, heat and spills are produced. If you don’t know how to keep your kitchen organized, you may have to undergo impracticality, mess and a lot of headache. Here are tips with which you can have your kitchen well organized and functional.

1. Clear the Clutter


First off, understand that the more the clutter the more you will be daunted while working. So, your first job is to remove the clutter. There may be a lot of cans and bottles of expired condiments, spices and cereals in your cabinets and refrigerator, plastic bags and spare utensils. Throw them away, donate or sell them in a garage sale. Be cruel and discard things.


2. Cleanliness


Keeping your kitchen clean and smelling fresh will make you work happily there. There is no need to clean EVERYTHING every day. You can wash your countertop every day, but cleaning cabinets and washing floor can be undertaken once or twice in a week. Use eco-friendly cleaners because they will not only protect the environment, but also keep your things undamaged, unlike harsh chemicals and won’t emit harmful fumes.


3. Don’t Let Stale Items Gather


Constantly look for any stale items remained in the kitchen and if you find one, discard it. It’s easy for such items to keep lying in refrigerator and cabinets and be forgotten. But they soon collect fungus and bugs which can be harmful to your health.


4. Label Containers


Though you may be aware of what is where in your kitchen, your family members may not and if someone among them has to work in the kitchen on any occasion, they should find everything easily. For this, labeling containers is a good idea to keep your kitchen non-stop working.


5. Keep Expensive Crockery Easily Accessible


The crockery you like to use when there are special guests should be kept easily accessible so that you don’t have to struggle finding it when such guests drop in abruptly.


6. Store Away Small Appliances that You don’t Use Everyday


If you have small-sized appliances and tools that you don’t use very frequently, store them away together in a cabinet instead of keeping them lying on the platform along with other appliances. This will make the space look open and larger.


7. Kitchen Garden


If your kitchen gets a lot of sunshine through its windows, consider making a kitchen garden. You don’t have to buy plants specially for this. You can grow plants from the vegetable and fruit leftovers like carrot, pineapple, avocado, wheat, rice, potato and more. These plants will add beauty and freshness to your kitchen and make you feel pleasant while working.

Follow these tips and make your kitchen a highly functional place in your home.

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