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Kitchen Cabinets Design – Top Trends

Onyx Horizon by Fabuwood

A century ago, a kitchen was taking its place in the rear of the house. It was only a room where people prepared meals and washed dirty dishes. Nowadays, the role of the kitchen is much different and more important. It brings everyone together, at least in the morning and evening. For that reason, its location has been changed; the kitchen is now at the very center of our homes. Since kitchen cabinets are essential elements to the style of any kitchen, we will now focus on them. We have spoken to experts from to find out more about the latest trends in kitchen cabinetry!

The main purpose of kitchen cabinets is, obviously, the storage. When it comes to the overall style of your kitchen, however, the cabinetry plays an important role too. If we compare the changes in the design of some other kitchen elements such as flooring, lighting or countertops, cabinets haven’t been drastically modified. Nevertheless, there are still some trends and evolutions you should take into consideration.


Modern Classic Hero – Kitchen by Fabuwood

Ever since homeowners have started to care more about the style of their kitchen, the all-white design has been among the most popular choices. According to experts from*, this trend will probably remain popular forever. As a matter of fact, the white color cabinets are undoubtedly their top sellers. Moreover, approximately 60% styles shared on Pinterest and Instagram are kitchens with white cabinetry.

The reason behind the popularity of all-white kitchens is their tendency to look timeless. White is the color that never goes out of style and it matches any decor fabulously. No matter if you want a modern contemporary, mid-century, vintage, retro, industrial, rustic or Victorian kitchen, white cabinets will always do the trick. In addition, it is very important for a kitchen to look clean and with the white one is hard to go wrong. In fact, they can look even sterile.

Colors are Back

White & Gray Kitchen by Fabuwood

As already explained above, all-white (and monochromatic) kitchens have been reigning supreme. Nonetheless, we can notice dramatic pops of color too. This trend is perfect for those who are a bit bored of monochromatic places and there are many ways to embrace it.

If you really like your white kitchen cabinets, but would like your space to look a bit bolder, bring the colors in. This can be done by changing just one larger kitchen element. You don’t have to make a dramatic change; a bit of gray is enough to make a difference. However, for those brave enough, any color you fancy will work extraordinary combined with white.

Obviously, unified cabinetry is not a must. But, contrasting white and gray or gray and beige is not our final destination. Think beyond the most common color combinations. For instant, consider gray and purple, beige and sophisticated blue, white and mint… If you think about it, you will see that these color mixes aren’t dramatit. Yet, they can make your kitchen look fresh, exciting and vibrant.

Glass Cabinetry

Glass Cabinetry by Fabuwood

Wait a minute! Were glass doors popular back in the ’90s? Yes, but they’re coming back in style. The reason: organization and simplicity. Since they are transparent, glass-front cabinets make it easier to locate dishware and other equipment you need. What’s more, it’s the best way to showcase your beloved keepsakes and decorative pottery without worrying they will break or get dusty.

Glass cabinetry is also a nice addition to smaller spaces, because it creates an illusion of depth. Furthermore, they act similar to mirrors, in a way that they scatter and reflect light throughout the space, which can make kitchen look airy and open. Finding glass kitchen cabinets that suit the kitchen theme of your choice is rather easy; they come in modern, traditional, as well as transitional style.

Back to the Woods

Chestnut brings warmth – by Fabuwood

Wood was seen as a bit outdated for a while, but now it’s becoming widely popular in kitchen cabinetry. Painted, stained or woods in its natural state are enjoying a bit of a revival. Wooden-brown kitchen doors bring warmth to your home, be it oak, walnut, chestnut or pale ash. Subtle ash kitchen cabinets look astonishing combined with a stone-cold marble or granite countertop. Oak is also getting back in style, because it blends well with common rustic kitchen theme, as well as with the modern minimalism.

Go dark for both elegance and warmth. Darker hues, such as chestnut, will bring a luxurious atmosphere to your kitchen that hardly other option could. To avoid making the room too dark and overpowering it, be careful when choosing other kitchen elements, such as flooring. Although it can look really elegant and bold when everything’s black and brown, this change should be done with a professional help. To play it safe, let walls and floors be brighter.

Less (Hardware) is More

A bit of Brass – Fabuwood

Minimalism can be depressing sometimes, but not when it comes to the hardware on the kitchen cabinets. No-handle look allows the finish or natural wood on the kitchen cabinetry to be in focus. Homeowners seem to like clean look of handle-less kitchens, especially when it comes to the modern-styled homes.

Those who don’t like push-open cupboards, but don’t want the hardware to overpower their carefully chosen cabinet doors, can opt for recessed handles. By lining them with contrasting materials and colors, these handles can look both sleek and charming. If you still adore cabinets with real handles, and yet you want your kitchen to look trendy and modern, opt for brass knobs and bar pulls. Brass hardware is a modern, mesmerizing addition to both dark and bright/white kitchen cabinetry.


Fabuwood Kitchen

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**Fabuwood is a kitchen cabinetry manufacturer offering wide range of materials, finishes and styles to cater any specific needs and taste. For a fair price, you can get luxurious kitchen cabinets made by Fabuwood, no matter if your kitchen is traditional or modern, small or large.

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