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Prevent Your Broom from Damaging Your Kitchen Furniture and Walls

BroomTrunkSo, you have decided to clean your kitchen today. For last some weeks you were planning for this huge task but finally you have found time for it today. Per se, you clean your countertop every day, but you don’t get time for thorough cleaning; so you will do it today. But why are you looking so uneasy? Oh, I understood! You don’t like the way your old broom damages your cabinets and furniture; it’s your usual headache when you clean webs, dust and dirt accumulated in all the corners of your kitchen – your broom strikes with the cabinets and scars them; when it strikes with the wall, it takes off your beautiful paint there and leaves an ugly white mark there; it does the same with your nicely polished doors, windows, fridge, AC, pelmets and every other element of your kitchen! What to do? But not anymore! I have come with good news that you don’t have to worry about the damage your broom can cause to your kitchen – by the virtue of BroomTrunk!

What is BroomTrunk?

BroomTrunk is a patent pending broom protector which fits any standard-sized broom and protects your walls, furniture and other items from its strikes.

Do You Know that Your Broom is Damaging Your Furniture and Walls?

Some people even don’t know that their brooms are damaging their objects in their house when they use it to clean those objects and their surrounding. If you are one of such persons, look keenly at your furniture and other objects after you clean them with a broom, and you might be shocked with the scratches and dings. Sometimes as your hands don’t reach a corner and you desperately hit the cobweb there, so as to scrape it once and for all, the wall-paint or polish of the door or furniture or color of the appliance there may get a dent.

How does BroomTrunk Protect Your Furniture?

BroomTrunk will cover the broom pole and its hard plastic. So, you can now sweep your broom without worrying about scratches and dents. It’s lightweight, so you will never find your broom bulkier or heavier when covered with BroomTrunk and it will act as a shock absorber for your walls, doors, windows, furniture, appliances and everything else from the attacks of the broom.


BroomTrunk can be machine-washed with cold water and can be air dried.

BroomTrunk is available at at just $ 9.95 and is made in the USA.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home the wonder product to protect your kitchen from “broom-strokes” and get a great peace of mind during your cleanliness mission.


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