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Maintain Your Kitchen Cleanliness – Simple Tips

cleaning kitchenMost people like cooking, but hate cleaning the kitchen. However, it’s important to maintain you kitchen clean because it keeps you and your family safer and healthier. Also, it’s more motivating and easier to bake and cook in a clean environment. We we’ll share some preventive measures and tips on how to maintain your kitchen cleanliness. Cleaning cannot be avoided, but this measures and tips will help you spend less time, money and energy on cleaning your cooking environment.

  • You should have a place to store everything. When an appliance or utensil has a “home”, it’s easier to use it, clean it and, at the end, put it away. For example, most people have a special drawer used for parchment paper, foil and plastic wrap. Since they have their home, it’s always easy to find them and to put them away after the use.
  • Bleach and ammonia shouldn’t be mixed because toxic fumes will be created.
  • Are there clutter accumulating spots in your kitchen? Identify them and take several minutes every day to clear them and to place all utensils and appliances in their special homes.
  • At the end of the day, kitchen sink should be empty and clean. Before going to bed, you should run the dishwasher and as soon as you wake up, unload it.
  • The great germs spreading way is – a sponge! If you want to avoid spreading gems and cross-contamination, use paper towels and discard them after cleaning surfaces.

And here are 3 quick fixes!

  1. If you have burned food on a pan, you can clean it quickly. First, add water and dish soap and bring it to the boil. You will find it easier to remove the burned food once the liquid gets cool in the pan.
  2. While cooking, food might spill over and burn on the oven floor. What to do? Take a handful of salt and sprinkle it on the mess. First, it will reduce the smoke and second, once the oven cools, spill will be easier to clean. If you want to reduce odors, cinnamon should be added to the salt.
  3. Cleaning a blender can be tricky. So, in order to make it more convenient, squirt liquid soap into it (only a few drops), fill it with warm water (halfway), cover and turn on the blender. The mess will be blended away. Rinse it. If it’s necessary, repeat the process. This method can be used for almost any food processor.
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