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Excellent Tips for Marble Cleaning and Restoration

marble cleaning and restorationProtection, cleaning and maintenance of marble of your kitchen floor and countertop is a unique job and needs some particular care. But it is not hard or doesn’t take much time. You just have to learn to do it the right way. Here are some marble care tips which you can practice and to make it look beautiful always.

Sealing the Marble

Do you feel worried upon hearing the words marble and granite sealing? But believe me it’s not a very big issue and you will find it easy once you learn how to do it. The job is quite simple and doesn’t take very long. You just need a high quality sealer to protect your surfaces.

Some marbles are in no need of sealing. In that case, it’s worth not trying because the sealer will keep lying on the surface till you strip it off with a toxic chemical cleanser.

Wipe Spills Promptly

Marble is more sensitive to acidic and alkaline substances like fruit juice, tomato sauce, coffee, wine, sodas and cleaning products than granite. These substances can etch the marble surface and cause marble stains. You should clean your marble surface with hot water, a specially formulated stone cleanser and sponge.

Place Coasters Under Bottles, Cans and Glasses

Bottles, glasses and cans containing acidic beverages may etch the polish of the surface or damage it. You can avoid the costly marble polishing and make cleaning easy, just by placing coasters under these bottles, glasses and cans.

Dust Mop the Marble Floor

Use a non-treated, clean and dry dust mop for cleaning your marble floor. Take care while using vacuum cleaners; its wheels may scratch the surface. Mop regularly with a specialized stone cleaner.

Use Door Mats

Dirt, grit and sand stuck to your shoes can enter inside the home and damage your marble floor tile. Therefore it is recommended to place a door mat in and out and also area rugs.

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