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5 Great Tips to Use an Electric Grill Properly, Safely and Efficiently

Best Electric GrillGrilled foods are extremely tasty and therefore popular. But in urban life where most people live in apartments and condos, and overall in small spaces, and want to grill just for a few or even a single person, an electric grill is the better choice than an outdoor grill. An electric grill is designed to produce results same as that of an outdoor grill, but use electricity rather than gas or fire, and thus eliminates several hazards involved in grill cooking.

1. Know Your Grill

The first step after you buy the best electric grill is to understand your grill type. One of the grill types is an open grill, designed to simulate the outdoor grill often used for hamburgers and hot dogs. It cooks quickly and can handle a significant amount of food for get-togethers and parties. Another type is a contact grill which has two heated plates between which the item you cook is pressed. Thus this grill can also make some excellent sandwiches. Since contact grill cuts the fat, it’s best for people wishing to stick to a low-fat diet.

contact grill

2. How to Use an Open Electric Grill?

While using your open electric grill for the first time, it’s important to set it up correctly. In your user manual, there would be instructions about temperature controls and time needed for cooking various types of meats.

Your grill may come with a stand which is a comparatively new model offered only by a few manufacturers. You can also have a countertop grill which you can use in your kitchen as well as on a picnic table.

3. How to Use an Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill Safely?

Using your electric grill is quite simple. Make sure to clear the countertop of any clutter and plastic.

An electric grill doesn’t look hot, but is very, very hot. Open as well as contact grills both can melt things that are near them. Therefore make sure you don’t place paper towels, plastic or the likes close by. While cooking outdoors, make sure you don’t cook near a pile of leaves etc. Trays and grill stand can increase your safety.

Never use an open grill with an excessive amount of grease and never cook with any electric grill near fuel like gasoline.

Even you should not use your electric grill near water or where its cord may be dipped in water to avoid electric shocks.

Use outdoor grills outdoors only. Know the limits of your product.

Use an Electric Grill Safely

4. Prepping Your Electric Grill for the First Use

Cooking on an electric grill needs oil. Spray cooking oil very, very lightly on your grill.

Next step is to preheat the grill. Several electric grills have just an on/off setting with a dial. It’s important to go through your manual to know the correct timings for various foods.

Some other open grills have a temperature dial. Most chefs believe that 400°F is the ideal temperature to start out. This is the temperature several outdoor charcoal grills reach when hot dogs and hamburgers are cooked.

Since electric grills are hot, never use bare fingers to place food on it. Use tongs as well as kitchen gloves to place food. This is also a good practice to prevent any food-borne illnesses. Learn about the correct duration for which the meat should be cooked and use a meat thermometer to ensure the correct temperature before taking the food out from the grill.

Electric Grill

5. Cleaning

Once your cooking is done, just unplug your grill and let it cool. Meanwhile, clean your drip and/or grate pans; but don’t pour oil directly down the sink. Instead collect it in a jar to dispose it of properly later. The best automatic soap dispensers for bathroom and kitchen are great for cleaning everything.

Once everything is dry, you can oil you grill lightly to keep it in top shape. However, don’t use too much of oil as it can invite bugs. Then tightly close the lid and store it.

So, are you ready to use an electric grill properly?

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