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Choose the Right Color of Your Granite Countertop and Make Your Kitchen Look Beautiful

white granite countertopWhile choosing a granite countertop for your kitchen you might have noticed a beautiful point about granite that it comes in so many colors. But that even may confuse you regarding which color to choose. Here are tips that will help you choose the right color for your granite countertop.

White Granite for Modernity and Timeless Look

Pure white granite is quite rare since it’s mostly available in black, blue, grey and red flecks. Kitchens with new appliances look great with white granite countertops. If you pair white granite countertop with modern appliances, you can achieve a contemporary effect, while traditional effect can be achieved by combining white granite with vintage appliances.

White granite is pretty versatile. However, be careful about the shade. A wrong shade may break your kitchen’s look. If you visit the store like Tampa Granite Countertops that have a range of colors of granite, request them to show several color options so that you can choose the right shade.

Black Granite for Sleekness

Granite in black color will make your kitchen look elegant. Especially if you install neutral color cabinets, both together will create a classic look. Black colored granite countertops look excellent in rooms having large windows that allow plenty of natural light in. They offer a subtle elegance and timeless appeal to the room. Moreover, though black granite is nearly solid black, it sparkles when hit with light because of the silver specks in it.

If you think that the black color of the granite will make your kitchen small, don’t worry. You can install white cabinetry to nullify the shrinking effect.

Green Granite for Traditional Looks

Green granite is known to be earthy and has gray and brown undertones. Some even have geometric markings. Green granite matches best with painted cabinets and sparkling hardware. For earthier look, combine it with wooden cabinetry having bronze fixtures.

Red Granite for a Bold Look

Red granite has a rich history, as it has been found in the Egyptian Pyramids. Red granite is found in several shades from a brighter shade to an intense burgundy shade, and patterns. Some red granites even have silver, white and blue tinges. Red granite will offer a bold and energetic feel to your kitchen.

Blue Granite for a New Kitchen

Blue granite has patterns for which it is valued. The patterns are of two types: veined and homogenous. While in veined pattern, minerals in granite create swirls in the stone, in homogenous pattern, minerals are evenly distributed. Most blue granites have black and blue bases but some even have brown, white and grey bases. Azul granites are the most popular blue granite loved for their beauty.

All in all, you have a wide choice while granite colors, but you can consider the above points and can easily choose the right shade for you.

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