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10 Budget-friendly Kitchen Makeover Ideas to Add a Fresh Look to Your Kitchen

Kitchen MakeoverWhen you think that your kitchen needs a new fresh look, do you think of replacing your kitchen? If you do, consider restoring your kitchen instead. You may believe it or not, but kitchen restoration is not only budget-friendly, but also efficient in giving your kitchen an all new stylish look. Here are a few ideas.

1. Make Use of Wallpaper

Wallpaper is certainly an easy, economical and effective kitchen makeover alternative to paint. By choosing a wallpaper of vibrant color, you can create an energetic atmosphere in your kitchen. Make sure you choose wallpaper that is particularly designed for kitchens, i.e. it’s steam and heat resistant so that it will look fresh for a long time.

2. Renew Floor

If your worn out kitchen floor is making you feel disgusted, you don’t have to replace it altogether. You just can lay new flooring on top instead. To cut the cost further, most kitchen renovators will advise you to just run it beneath the plinths, rather than wall-to-wall.

Renew Floor

3. Renovate Your Kitchen Storage

It’s really surprising to see how things gather over time. Take some time from your busy schedule to organize your kitchen cupboards. This will help you easily access things you need every now and then. Even clearing unnecessary things from your worktop will improve the looks of the kitchen for no cost. If you can spend some cash here, renovate kitchen storage spaces. For instance, you can install extra hanging rails and shelves so that you will be able to bring every available space into use.

4. Install New Work Platform

By replacing your existing worktop, you can bring a dramatic upgrade to your kitchen. One of the most economical choices is laminate. Plus, if you’re ready to shell out some more cash, consider some add-ons like a built-in draining board or heat rods to be fitted into the surface to form a permanent pan stand.

Install New Work Platform

5. Create Hanging Rails

You can create hanging rails on your own by using cheap and commonly found objects like two handles and a rod and attaching them to a wall, and then can store any type of kitchen accessories there, like kitchen towel, ladles etc. These accessories will hang neatly there instead of lying randomly here and there, adding a clean look.

6. Respray Kitchen Cabinets

One of the easiest and cheapest ideas to create a fresh and stylish look is to repaint your kitchen cabinets. There are so many refreshing colors available recently. If you consider this idea, make sure you prime the cabinets first with a furniture primer, and then choose paints suitable to melamine, wood or MDF cabinets as per your need.

Respray Kitchen Cabinets

7. Add a New Appliance or Two

Instead of creating an all new kitchen, adding new appliances will also create almost the same effect and your efficiency and speed will increase, which is an ultimate aim of kitchen renovation. Choose vibrant colors for the new appliances. Metal appliances like a kettle or toaster can have a great shine or attractive finish. Or you can cover them with beautifully colored fabric covers.

8. Change Cabinet Handles

You can refurbish your kitchen cabinets still further by replacing their handles. Go for stylish handles of the latest design. At present, brass and leather are a hot trend.

9. Add New Lighting

By changing the lighting too, you can create a fresh atmosphere in your kitchen. For example, you can add spotlights over the worktop, overhead lighting and ambient light in the dining area and halogen bulbs on the extractor.

Add New Lighting

10. Add Curtains

Adding or replacing curtains is also a great idea to add a stylish look to your kitchen in addition to keeping some parts covered that are not so good-looking.

So, when are you going to work on these ideas?

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