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How to Grill the Perfect Steak

steak-grillIn my opinion, a good steak is undoubtedly among the purest carnivorous pleasures. Well, nothing is as meaty as a simple steak, right? Nevertheless, it’s not an easy task to grill the perfect steak. Take a look at the Ultimate Guide to a Delicious Backyard and Never Have a Chewy,Tough Steak Again! Meanwhile, I’ll share some of the tips I follow when grilling steaks.

My family members love well-cooked, juicy steaks and I often grill them for dinner. Let’s face it, it’s a quality piece of meat that does not require extravagant sauces and complicated cooking techniques. It is simplicity at its best and that’s why I love it, especially when I want to impress my guests, but don’t have much time to prepare meal. Nevertheless, it’s important to choose the best steak possible for this! So, if you usually head to the supermarket, I would suggest going to the butcher’s instead. A well chosen butcher will offer you more than a grocery store, including introduction to less popular, new cuts, such as flatiron steaks boasting huge flavor compared to classic cuts. Additionally, professionals will help you navigate the tricky waters of grilling the steak, so don’t be afraid to ask them for an advice!

Whether you’re going to grill a thick porterhouse or a thin strip steak, preparing a meal requires planning ahead. In this case, it means you should take the meat out of the fridge well in advance of actually grilling it. If you have thinner cuts, 30 minutes on the counter will be alright, while for thicker steaks, you’ll need up to two hours. In case you put them on the grill right from the fridge, you’ll get an undercooked steak, which is definitely something you don’t want.

If you spend a fair amount of cash on a piece of meat, I’m sure you want to treat it right. Some people leave this task to the pros and enjoy grilled steaks only in the best restaurants. If you would like to have it in your cooking repertoire, get the right guide and learn to do it yourself!

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