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Choosing a Frying Pan – Tips

frying panHaving the right frying pan is a very important part of successful cooking. But, choosing it can be quite daunting experience, we have to agree with that. To help you overcome this issue, we’ll give you several tips on buying a frying pan.

First of all, it’s important to consider the cook top surface. Will you use your frying pan on gas, electric or induction range? On electric ranges, a frying pan with a heavy and thick bottom will work best. Also, keep in mind that the smaller the number of the metal gauge, the heavier the pan. When it comes to electric ranges, it’s highly recommended not to start cooking with the dial on high, because food will get burnt easily. Our piece of advice for you: allow the pan to heat up slowly and you’ll get the best cooking results!

Gas ranges, on the other hand, produce a lot of heat immediately. For this reason, it’s recommended to choose a frying pan that is able to direct the heat evenly. Cast iron, aluminum and copper frying pans work best on a gas range, for example. Also, opt for cool touch handle construction frying pan if you want to use it on a gas range. Induction cook tops require magnetic cookware, so aluminum or ceramic frying pans should not be taken into account. Instead, go for cast iron or stainless steel cookware.

Natural or non-stick finishes? Since it depends mostly on the types of foods you will fry, we suggest having frying pans with each finish. Non-stick frying pan is ideal for people who want to use less oil or butter. It also works best for pancakes and eggs. On the other hand, natural finish fry pan is perfect for cooking with a lot of grease or oil and for browning meats.

Finally, maintenance does matter when it comes to choosing cookware items. If you don’t have too much time on your hands, non-stick cookware might be the best solution for you – it doesn’t require seasoning and it’s very easy to clean. If, on the other hand, you are willing to put in a little effort in cookware maintenance, you can go for anything you like!


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