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Bakers Sto ‘N Go – Store Baked and Other Foods to Look Fresh and Beautiful for a Long, Long Time

cookies in Bakers Sto 'N GoWhen you make a beautiful cake and decorate it with an awesome design, what you want the most is to preserve that design at least until the cake is cut officially for the celebration. Same is the case with any food that you decorate, because you take much effort to make the food look beautiful and attractive. Here the question of storage comes up. There are other even more important issues too, such as keeping the food fresh and unspoiled for later use. And when you place them in a big container, the icing is bound to spoil, the food is bound to lose its shape at least a bit or some other mess is bound to occur. Not anymore! With Bakers Sto ‘N Go, a wonderful food container with adjustable trays, your foods will look as beautiful as they looked when you prepared them, and will stay perfectly fresh for a long, long time!

When you will see Bakers Sto ‘N Go, you will be amazed with its unique design. It’s a tough plastic container with four adjustable flat trays which you can use for storing different foods and egg trays in which you can store 32 deviled eggs. So, now you can store cakes, cookies, pies, sandwiches, appetizers and of course deviled eggs too. You need not worry about the foods losing their shape or breaking or their icing getting spoiled or any such mess. Whether you store it in your house or want to carry the foods for a picnic or camping trip, Bakers Sto ‘N Go will keep your food fresh and beautiful for a long time and earn you praises.

Airtight and Freezer-safe

I have described only these two qualities of Bakers Sto ‘N Go in this subheading, but actually it has many other qualities too, such as it is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe, BPA-free and lead-free and has got a removable handle.

What’s more, you can arrange the trays in a lot of ways and store seemingly any type of food. Bring home this beautiful container and your problem of storing freshly prepared goodies will be over once and for all!

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