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2 Essential Kitchen Tools that You Must Have but May Forget Easily

Kitchen GreatThere’s no doubt that cooking equipment is essential for a kitchen. These include kitchen knives, cutting board, pots, pans, skillets, spoons, spatulas, mixing bowls, blender, oven, plates, glasses and other things – the list is unending. However, while collecting these essential items, you may forget some basic objects that may be of a lot of help. Here are two such items.

1. Kitchen Towels

While considering essential kitchen supplies, one may easily forget that in the kitchen you have to perform a number of different jobs at the same time. You have to wash vegetables or meat and immediately you have to take out salt and spices from their respective jars where it’s absolutely essential that your hands should be dry. You might have just handled turmeric and the next moment you have to prepare icing for your cake or cream for cookies where the yellowness is strictly a no-no. You can’t just stand spills and drops and you need to wipe them immediately. You have to wash hands every now and then, and then you have to wipe them dry. Which tool is necessary for all these purposes? – Of course, kitchen towels! Many home chefs forget to have these essential little things that are immensely useful and then they keep wondering what to do when they have to run every time towards their bedroom or bathroom where they might keep their towel to wipe hands. And then they also may feel disgusted to see colorful stains and experience odd smells left on their towels. To avoid such situations, don’t forget to buy kitchen towels.

kitchen towels

For example, look at these Coral Plush Microfiber Kitchen Towels available at Kitchen Great. I am using them for last one year. They are highly water absorbent and are very useful for cleaning hands. I use them to wipe out wet dishes, safely hold hot utensils and other kitchen jobs. I also wet them to clean surfaces. They are available in multiple pleasant colors so I have allotted them for different jobs and can easily identify them which one is for which job. It’s nice to have these soft towels at hand to keep everything clean and sorted out in my kitchen.

wiping dishes with kitchen towels

2. Bamboo Rolling Kitchen Trolley

Another kitchen essential that a home chef may easily overlook is a kitchen trolley. When some objects like washed utensils and plates, used bottles of sauces or ketchups, fruit bowls and other such items may keep coming in your way on your countertop, you might wonder how to keep them away so that they can be easily accessible when you need them just the next second.

kitchen trolley

Even I had the same question and then I came across this Bamboo Rolling Kitchen Trolley again by Kitchen Great and it has been so helpful to me to keep things organized. It has a convenient drawer too wherein I can keep items like bottles of salt and spices, napkins, rubber bands etc. Below are various racks where I can keep bottles, bowls of fruits and vegetables, and jars. It’s portable so you can position it anywhere, in the kitchen near your counter or beside the dining table so that you can easily access salt, sauces, jams, fruits, nuts etc. And do you know, I even place my breakfast on its stainless steel easy-to-clean top so that I can have it while performing other kitchen chores, when I don’t have plenty of time to take the breakfast to our dining table and sit there leisurely to have it.

kitchen trolley with stainless steel top

I have got both these useful tools at Kitchen Great where there are several other kitchen tips and tricks and recipes too. So, it’s worth visiting for every homemaker. Happy kitchen to you!

– By Martha

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