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5 Amazing Tips to Build a Kitchen Bar You will Be Proud of

kitchen barHaving your own kitchen bar is a fantastic idea. The bar can add value to your kitchen by making it look elegant and you have premium liquors at hand to serve your guests. However, sometimes you may find keeping your kitchen bar properly stocked a bit difficult. But no worries! Here are tips on that and also for security of your precious treasure of boozes.

1. Refrigeration is Not a Problem

It’s quite obvious that any type of kitchen bar should have some kind of refrigeration. But you can do this easily by just adding a small refrigerator and a power socket. This won’t cost you a lot and you will end up in saving money in the long run because you won’t lose stock that requires cooling.

2. Collection of Liquor

A kitchen bar should be stock with a range of liquors from wine to bourbon. You can do this easily with the help of a great shop like Avon Liquor Store. Since elements can’t damage hard liquor, you can easily stock them. However, it’s not that easy in case of wine, beer or any liquor that may consist of any dairy such as Irish cream. Make sure you keep beer always in a dark area under the bar and refrigerated. This is true for Irish cream too. Storing wine in a kitchen bar is tricky since it should be chilled, in a dark space and at a correct angle. The best solution is to set a refrigerated wine cooler which will fulfill all these requirements.

3. Drink Mixes

Drink mixes don’t consist of any alcohol in them as such and this means that they can be spoiled. Most of them need not be refrigerated; so, they can be stored in a cabinet created inside the kitchen bar. This way they will remain fresh as they are packed with sugar and other flavorings that act as preservatives. This works well as long as they don’t come in contact with high temperatures or direct sunlight.

4. Accents

Accents are dressings for your drinks and can include anything from sugar and salt to fruit salad. The best among these that should be kept stocked are products that are high in tartness such as limes and lemons. Sugar and salt too can be easily stored in the kitchen bar. Even cherries, as long as they are jarred suspended in sugary brine, can be kept for a pretty long time.

5. Security

The best way to ensure safety of kids and adults trying to get to the liquor stock, as well as your liquors, is to lock the bar up. Buying cabinets with a key lock is convenient. You can even get cabinets with magnetic locks with a numbered keypad.

Follow these tips and you can build a kitchen bar that you will be proud of!

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