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Are Sub Zero Refrigerators Worth the High Cost?

are subzero really worthSub Zero as a brand is considered to be one of the best in the USA and perhaps the most preferred choice of customers who want excellent performance and ground-breaking features from their domestic devices. Defining the height of style and sophistication, Sub Zero refrigerators offer a significant charm to your dining room and kitchen.

Refrigerators from Sub Zero are much more energy efficient than the conventional models. They also have an additional layer of insulation and sealing rubber which helps to lock cold in. because of this, your food remains fresh for a longer time. There are many other features too which have made these refrigerators so popular, like:

  • Dual refrigeration compounds
  • Spill-proof glass racks
  • Digital temperature controls and readouts
  • Multiple compressors and evaporators

These refrigerators come in a wide range of colors and also optional glass doors or stainless steel front to offer you your desired style statement.

glass door

However, Sub Zero refrigerators are also considered to be one of the largest kitchen ticket items anyone might want. A Sub Zero fridge as a combination of 27” refrigerator and freezer with an integrated design and stainless front costs quite high, but mixes well with your cabinetry. A similar style but 36” model will cost even higher. And both these are pricier than several comparable sized pieces from other reputable manufacturers.

So, why Sub Zero fridges are so costly? And are they really worth? Expert kitchen designers are of opinion that Sub Zero fridges are absolutely worth the extra dollars. They advice people who remodel their kitchens to cut back on something else and invest in Sub Zero, because typically this fridge will last for at least 19-20 years, as compared to the 8 to 10 years of life of other average models. So, even though it costs more, it offers the best value.


Dual Compressor

Unlike other models, Sub Zero fridges have two compressors, one for freezing and other for refrigeration. This lessens workload on a single compressor and so increases life of the appliance. The two compressors also enhance the food quality because fresh foods work well in a chilly setting while convenience and frozen foods are better in frigid and dry air that keeps decaying and freezer burns away. Traditional models which have single compressor for both the sections get good cooling for neither of them. Sub Zero make fresh food last longer by 40-50 percent than in other fridges and frozen foods longer by 200-300 percent.

Sealed Doors

Sub Zero’s other features like extra insulation, magnetic gaskets and tight hinges around each drawer and door keep food fresher for long time too. The glass door models are equipped with triple-pane, high-performance glass for firmness.

Microprocessor Control System

Because of this system, different climates and schedules are no problem for the Sub Zero fridges and foods remain fresh in any condition. It also enables the user to adjust cooling fan and lighting, and notify with an alarm sound if a drawer or door is left open.


Patented System of Air Filtration

This excellent feature of Sub Zero eliminates ethylene gas emitted by peaches, melons, apples and other such produce, which speeds up the spoilage of other foods, along with creating wilting, bitter taste and discoloration. Because of this system mold, bacteria and viruses are also removed and eventually odors are eliminated.

Camouflaging Design

Because of the specialized design of Sub Zero, the fridge just gets mixed up well with your cabinetry and doesn’t look like a separate appliance. It can be lined up flawlessly with the cabinets with a gap of only around 1/8”, which is hardly noticed.


So, looking at all these advantages, we must say that Sub Zero is absolutely worth its apparently high cost.

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