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4 Must-have Wine Accessories for Your Kitchen

Adjustable Aerator by The Newest Factor Online ShopIf you are keen about making your kitchen well-equipped and becoming an ideal host for your guests, there is something you should equip your kitchen with, but might haven’t yet given a serious thought to. I am talking about wine accessories. Especially if you or your friends are wine-lovers, you’d like to fill your kitchen with the best wine equipment to make your wine parties even more fun.

Here are a few of the wide range of classy wine accessories from The Newest Factor Online Shop where you can shop with confidence.

1. Wine Bottle Holder

Do you love animals and their adorable gestures? If you do, this line of Christmas-themed wine bottle holders is for you. You can keep one standard-size wine bottle on it securely and enjoy the scene of the cute animal holding the bottle in its mouth while balancing its back. You can enjoy watching it on your kitchen counter or bar top. They are sure to bring the holiday vibe to your home.

Christmas-themed wine bottle holders by The Newest Factor Online Shop

2. Wine Racks

If you want to store multiple wine bottles in an attractive way in your kitchen or bar, why not choose the beautiful wine racks? The wine racks by The Newest Factor Online Shop made from wood and/or metal will add a rustic touch to your kitchen and conveniently store your wine, making it easily accessible to you any time. They will adorn your walls; they mount horizontally or vertically.

Wine Racks by The Newest Factor Online Shop

3. Adjustable Aerator

A true wine aficionado finds the real flavors of wine only by the simple act of aerating the wine. But the process of letting your wine breathe for hours is really boring and time-consuming. However, this Adjustable Aerator brings down the time for decantation of any wine from 0 to 6 hours instantly. This aerator made from high-quality stainless steel and BPA-free plastic offers integrated aeration intake which eliminates the requirement for messy external tubes and regulated pour for reliable aeration levels every time.

Adjustable Aerator by The Newest Factor Online Shop

4. Ice Makers

When it comes to hot weather, nothing is as refreshing as a cool glass of wine. But what if the wine is not so chilled? A beautiful ice maker eliminates the guesswork regarding the wine temperature and offers the wine the desired coolness. The Newest Factor Online Shop brings so many of them to make your bar or kitchen look ultimately sophisticated. Enjoy the wine perfectly chilled with the ice from these ice makers.

Ice Maker by The Newest Factor Online Shop

You can add even more fun to the party with their Sports Themed Craft Ice Maker Silicone Mold.

Sports Themed Craft Ice Maker Silicone Mold by The Newest Factor Online Shop

So, are you ready for shopping for these most beautiful and classiest wine accessories?

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