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6 Awesome Tips to Have the Kitchen You Always Dreamt Of

London kitchen fittersFitting a new kitchen can be pretty daunting. The confusion is mainly created due to the many options available and differences in quality of materials and service, and price. Here are tips to remove confusion from homeowners’ mind and help them buy a new kitchen confidently.

1. Visit the Showroom in Person

Visit the showrooms of London kitchen fitters and talk with their experts about your requirements. Never buy a new kitchen just after you looked at it and loved it, no matter how lucrative the ‘special offer’ seems. Reach home, sit down and think upon it. Such ‘special offers’ usually drop down even more when you say ‘no’.

2. Shortlist At Least Two Kitchens

Shortlist more than one kitchen designs, at least two. These should be at different budget levels. This may give you a surprising insight of what you can afford and what is right for you. It will also help you set the right budget for your new kitchen.

3. Check How Long the Company is in Business

Some companies offer pretty long guarantees on their products, but are in the business only for a few years. Companies which are in the trade for ten or more years indicate that they have survived this long due to high quality and correct pricing. They are most likely to be competitive, offer good products and also offer good after sale service.

Onsite Inspection

4. Onsite Inspection

Some companies offer onsite inspection so that you can actually ‘see’ how your dream kitchen would look like. This removes any confusion and guesswork, and you get a guarantee of having what you want.

5. Check Quality

Remember that things are made good to look at. That doesn’t mean that the quality would be always good. So, you have to check the quality of the products and this can’t be done merely by touching them. You should check the thickness and density of the materials. In addition, you should check the types of drawers and drawer runners, types of backsides of cabinets, types of hinges and so on.

6. Benefit from Experts’ Advices

Take benefit of the experts’ advices that some companies offer. They are more than happy to advise you on colours and finishes, types of cabinetry and storage solutions, dishwashers, cooktops, refrigerators and other appliances, light fixtures, exhaust fans and so on. Thus, if you are not finding anything proper for any of your particular requirements, your imagination can get triggered and you can plan an awesome kitchen.

Use these tips and enjoy having the kitchen you always dreamt of!

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