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4 Useful Tips for Choosing Perfect Granite for Your Kitchen Countertop

Denver GraniteAlthough several options for kitchen countertops, such as quartz, concrete, stainless, marble and wood came and went, granite remained always at the top of choices for homeowners. Anyone will agree that nothing else can match the glow and elegance that granite adds to any kitchen. If you are planning to buy granite for the first time, here are a few tips that may be helpful to you.

1. How to Choose a Perfect Stone?

You might have seen in shops that granite comes in a range of colors and patterns. These depend on from where the stone has been quarried. The price may rise with rarity of the vein, thickness and the type of fabrication of the granite.

Here you should remember that don’t depend on the sample for making your decision. You will be buying a whole slab; so, you should check the slab as the fabricators will use as much as they can to match sections so as to reduce wastage. Sometimes you can buy more than one slab from the same lot as they are sliced so as to fit in large kitchens.

The splendor of granite is in the movement of color and pattern of dapples and streaks. Hence you have to select wisely. A softer pattern and color can be soothing whereas a strong graphic pattern can be highly enlivening. This can go for years when it’s maintained by professionals like Denver Granite.

2. Measurement Lessons

Granite is available in square foot. To get an idea of how many square feet you’ll require, you can multiply length by width for each part of your kitchen, such as kitchen, an island and backsplash, and then add the square feet of each part together.

But the measurement doesn’t end here. You also need to consider sinks, seam allowance, edge allowance and other factors. The job of the salesperson is to know how many square feet you think you’ll need and take you to slabs that can fulfill your requirement. S/he will “hold” the slab with a deposit. The exact measurement will be taken by the fabricator.

Till the fabricator does his job, your cabinets should be installed. As such, most appliances will fit under your countertop, but if you’ll be installing a new cooktop or sink, the fabricator will also need their measurements. That way, the fit will be assured.

3. Thickness

The thicker the granite, the more you’ll have to pay. If you choose very thick granite, make sure its weight is bearable for your cabinets.

You also have to select among beveled, bullnose, ogee or raw-edged for the edge. The finish can change the appearance of the granite. While polished granite is reflective and glossy, leather granite has textured finish and honed granite has a smooth matte finish.

4. Look for as Few Seams as Possible

The flow of the pattern and color will be less interrupted when you’ll choose as few seams as possible. So, look for this factor too.

Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the perfect granite that you’ll be proud of.

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