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Oven Liners – The Best Protector of Your Oven

spreading the liner on the oven bottomAn oven is perhaps the most favorite kitchen appliances of every housewife, because it brings us a variety of yummy baked goodies, the aroma of which spreads in air when the dishes are being baked, rousing the entire household. However, after we enjoy the baked chicken, turkey, cake, pizza or cookies with our family, we have to do the most un-favorite job of cleaning the oven! The spills on the oven bottom are quite messy to clean because they are baked and stuck so fast to the surface that they are hard to remove easily. But this has a great solution now – an oven liner!

An oven liner is a great way to save your oven from the spills you normally get while cooking a semi-solid dish which may contain sugar, fats and/or spices. These spills are burned on the hot surface of oven bottom and are tough to remove. But with a high quality, heavy duty, thick oven liner you can avoid all the mess.

set of 3 SOZO Safe oven liners

You can buy a set of 3 oven liners by SOZO Safe – Kitchen at a very affordable discounted price. They are non-stick Teflon-coated liners of size 16.25” x 23” which fit up to 30” ovens, grills, toasters or any other baking appliance. They are non-toxic, eco-friendly, odorless, FDA approved and highest quality.

making pizza with oven liner


These oven liners are versatile and you can use them for multiple purposes. Spread an oven liner on the bottom of the oven and the bottom will remain clean with no spill or grease. Or you can also use the liner as a cooking sheet, baking mat or pan liner. This liner will prevent the bottom of the oven from burning. This is especially useful while making cookies, because the liner prevents burning too quickly. You don’t have to scrub or scrape the bottom of your oven to clean the steadfast stains, grease, burns and spills, neither have you to use any harsh chemicals to clean them. All the drops, spills, dirt and grease will be collected by the liner, keeping your oven clean.

baking cookies with oven liner

By keeping the bottom of the oven clean this way, the oven liners actually increase the oven’s life and durability.

oven liner protecting oven from spills

You need not worry if these liners don’t fit your oven. You can cut one of them to fit your oven bottom or baking tray.

cut oven liner to fit your oven

Easy to Clean

You can just then place the liner in the dishwasher and it will be cleaned.


These high quality oven liners are so sturdy that you can use them over and over again for years. They may be stained because of the food spills, but work with the same efficiency even after years of use, as they do when new.

taking out oven liner with spills

Better than Aluminum Foil

If you are planning to use aluminum foil for the same purpose, beware! Aluminum foil can be dangerous because it melts and gets stuck to the surface. Also, the heat gets reflected from it to burn oven’s other components. Oven liners can withstand even very high temperatures of oven comfortably.

So, bring home these high quality oven liners and enjoy cooking in your oven in a true sense!

instructions on how to use oven liner efficiently

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