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Top 5 Kitchen Essential Tools

chefs knife and cutting boardNo matter if you’re paring your kitchen down to the basics or you’re stocking it from scratch, you might be confused about the equipment and tools that are necessary. Here are my top kitchen essentials!

1. Cutting Board & Chef’s Knife – You’ll be cutting, slicing, dicing and chopping foods, well, almost always when preparing your meals, won’t you? For that reason, invest in the good workhorse of any kitchen – a cutting board and the chef’s knife. Make sure you wash the cutting board thoroughly in order to avoid food contamination. Plastic cutting boards should be sanitized in the dishwasher, while you could wipe the wooden ones with diluted bleach.

2. Strainer/Colander – A mesh strainer is the most versatile because nothing can get through its holes except liquid. A small strainer is useful for separating juice from seeds/pulp, while large colanders work lovely for draining salad greens and pasta, as well as for rinsing vegetables. There are plastic and metal colanders/strainers in different sizes, it can’t be difficult to find the right one for your cooking habits.

3. Measuring Tools – Food scales and measuring cups are necessary, no matter if you’re a cooking pro or a newbie. To measure ingredients such as cereals, grains, flour, meat and cheese you’ll need dry measuring cups or a food scale (depending on the recipe). For measuring liquids, you’ll need clear glass or plastic measuring cups. Also, to make sure your recipes will come out just right, instead of “dash of this” and “pinch of that”, opt for measuring spoons.

4. Peeler and Grater – Choose a peeler with a comfortable grip to remove skin and blemishes from fruits and vegetables. A peeler is also very handy for making white and black chocolate curls, as well as Parmesan cheese shavings. For shredding and grating foods, opt for a box-style grater made of stainless-steel.

5. Whisk – They are essential for making creamy sauces (and soups), perfect for beating eggs (or egg whites), dissolving solid ingredients in liquids and for blending various salad dressings. Pick nylon whisks for nonstick surfaces or stainless-steel ones for other purposes.

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