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InRFood – Comfort and Convenience of Cooking Healthy Meals

InRFood - nutritionAre you worried about your family’s health while cooking meals in your kitchen for them? Are you confused about what to add and what not to add in the meals, for the different needs of persons in your family, like you and your partner, children and the elderly? Are you fed up of finding the ingredients from the food labels and calculating calories and nutritional value of the foods? Plus, there are factors like organic foods and GMO-free foods to bewilder you even more. Don’t worry! Here’s a new innovative app named InRFood that will end your hassle of reading labels of ingredients of foods, and conveniently enable you to decide what meals you can prepare for you and your family! The app is now available on App Store and soon will be coming on Google Play too; and it’s absolutely FREE!

What is InRFood?

As mentioned earlier, InRFood is a free app which helps you find ingredients of food, not only in general, but also up to the macro and micro ingredients level and help you decide the nutritional value of the foods you are planning to buy or prepare at home. This is indeed going to make your family healthy and happy!

Extensive Product and Ingredient Database

InRFood has a huge database of food products and their ingredients. These food products are private and international too. More than 500,000 such products and over 15,000 ingredients are included in the data of InRFood which you can refer to and get the ingredients and their information about nutrition, like whether they are organic and GMO-free, their calorie content, etc, within minutes.

InRFood app - calories

What Else can You Do?

You can find out your overall nutritional intake through InRFood and check if you are eating healthy. This will help you check if with the foods you are eating, you will achieve your health or weight loss goals or not.

Depending upon the food ingredients, you can create your own meal plans and upload in the app, and refer to it while making meals. So, you need not ponder upon what to cook everyday which also should be nutritious for you and your family.

Henceforth you can plan your meals beforehand instead of being confused upon what to cook. Moreover you are well-informed about the ingredients based on which you can always cook a healthy meal. And you can do this for free! So, download the InRFood app now and enjoy the comfort and convenience of cooking healthy meals.

InRFood - nutrition

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