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Cooking Healthy Food – Feel Great, Not Only Physically, But Mentally Too!

cooking healthy foodAfter spending almost 35-40 years of life being overweight, feeling unenergetic, receiving queries from acquaintances whether I am ill or sad due to something, and wondering why everything about me was like what it was, I at last discovered that my wrong food habits were at the base of all this. And this was endorsed when I read an article on about why nutrition is important for feeling healthy. Being overweight I always tried various diets and sometimes lost weight too, but never “felt healthy”. Today at this stage of life when I abandoned the idea of losing weight and just made it my mission to be healthy and started healthy eating, I am indeed feeling healthy!

My Idea of Healthy Eating

Actually it is self-praising to say that it’s my idea of healthy eating. I have learnt it from various websites, health magazines, my doctors and other authorities. And I also know that different people need different diets. However, the rules of healthy eating that I am going to share here apply commonly to any person (barring those on special diets due to some illness).

Raw (Or Even Cooked) Vegetables (Salads): What are your feelings about veggies like carrot, cucumber, tomato and leafy greens? Do you hate them? Do you consider them downmarket? My mom used to feel so and so, we weren’t in the habit of eating these veggies. Fortunately I learnt in my later life that these veggies are invaluable gifts to us by the nature. They are storehouses of vitamins, minerals and healthy sugars, and devoid of empty calories. They make you full if you eat them before lunch and you feel healthily satiated and get a good control over your weight. Regarding leafy greens, you can cook them if you want. And in fact, you should cook them to make them friendly to your digestive tract (which is different from herbivores) but very little, just to keep their green color intact. Heat a spoonful of oil and add just one hot pepper to it, add the washed and chopped leafy vegetable with a pinch of salt, and your taste buds will be feasted! So, keep your kitchen equipped with these veggies.

Fruits: Another gift offered to us by the nature is fruits. They too are full of vitamins, minerals, healthy sugars and devoid of empty calories. Studies have shown and are showing the high levels of antioxidants in fruits like various types of berries, papaya, orange, mango, avocado, grapefruit, and other fruits. Fruits make you healthy and also make you ‘feel’ healthy. Just try them for a week and you will see the difference; you will feel clean, energetic and joyful.


Nuts: Nuts have given me life! All my nervous feelings are kicked out when I included nuts in my diet. But you have to limit them to only 1 of each kind as they are full of calories too (though they are not empty calories). Research has shown that nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachio and walnut are full of DHA and ALA, the wonderful fatty acids that improve your brain power and eliminate mental disorders like confusion, anxiety, nervousness and depression. Take my word, guys, I have experienced it!

Healthy Grains: Should you eliminate grains from your diet and live on vegetables and fruits like herbivorous animals? Of course, not! But you should healthy grains. Rice, oats (not grown in the same field of wheat or any gluten-containing grain), sorghum (jowar), pearl millet (bajra) and finger millet (ragi or nachani) are all healthy grains, because not only they are devoid of gluten, but they are great for contributing to your RBC production and keeping your cholesterol in check.

So, equip your kitchen today with all healthy foods and believe me, you will actually feel great – not only healthy physically, but also mentally!

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