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Various Types of Ice Makers and Their Prominent Benefits

iced teaIf you are wondering what an ice maker is, in simple words, it’s a refrigeration machine that is specially designed to cool air within its refrigeration chamber adequately to produce ice. Ice makers are available in a range of sizes, styles and shapes and while they are conceptually simple to understand, you may have to read a bit about it to understand what types of machines are designed for which functions and which one is the best for your particular needs. Here’s an overview of various types of ice makers and what their benefits are.

Freezer Ice Maker

This type of ice makers is located inside the freezer of a refrigerator. This is the most common type of ice maker. It’s not actually a dedicated ice maker but usually does a good job at producing a decent amount of ice for personal use. Its benefit is that you don’t have to buy an ice maker separately while its disadvantage is that it cannot produce very large amount of ice say for a big party.

Portable Ice Maker

This is a dedicated ice maker designed to fit on the countertop. It’s ideal to make ice for a family dinner or a small soiree; however, it can’t produce enough for a big party. Other benefit is that it takes only around ten minutes to produce a batch of ice, so, it’s very fast.

Freestanding Ice Maker

This type of ice maker is dedicated and produces a large amount of ice, even for a medium to large-scale event. Though it is advertised that freestanding ice machines are designed to attach to a kitchen island or bar counter, the fact is that they don’t need to be attached to anything to work.

By knowing about these various types of ice makers and their functions and abilities, you can know which one of them is perfect for you.

Hoshizaki ice maker

Benefits of Having an Ice Maker

Many people can’t understand how they are going to benefit from having an ice maker until they don’t have one and once they have it, they realize how easy their life has become because of the machine. Here are certain prominent benefits of having an ice maker.


Having an assurance of having a lot of ice in the icemaker in your kitchen is extremely convenient. If you don’t have an ice maker, you have to run to the store to buy ice. And it’s of course waste of time as well as money. If you have ice ready at home, you won’t have to waste gas to get ice from the store. It may seem like a negligible saving, but actually it adds up very fast if you regularly buy ice.

chilling drinks in an ice bucket

Cost Effectiveness

Together with saving money on gas, ice makers are considerably more cost effective than buying ice because of the high efficiency of their techniques of ice production. Most ice machines available on the market produce extremely high-quality, pure ice at high amount of energy efficiency. The meaning of this is that you not only save on gas and time, but also because your ice machine produces higher-quality ice at lower cost than the one you would buy at grocer or gas station.


You can do many things in your kitchen that need cooling which you wouldn’t realize unless you have an ice maker. For example, freezing large amounts of food to produce cold entrees, freezing drinks in a bucket or bowl that can be served at the dining table, making cold desserts by mixing ingredients in a bowl filled with ice and many other culinary treats. An ice maker allows you making all such fun things.

treat in ice bowl

All in all, if you haven’t bought an ice maker yet, consider getting one today. You’ll thank yourself for doing that.

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