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Tremendous Benefits of Induction Cooktops

induction cooktopInduction cooktops are still something magical for many people because of its outstanding quality of heating only the pots and pans and the food inside them and not the rest of the cooktop and not even the air around. But the innovative gadget is fast entering the kitchens of many households because of being extremely useful and energy-efficient. The best induction cooktop offers a number of benefits. Here are some of them.

Speed of Cooking

One of the biggest benefits induction cooktop offers is the speed of cooking. Because the container heats up much quicker than in the traditional gas or electrical cooktop, the food is prepared much faster. The two traditional methods, gas and electrical cooktops, have to use two middlemen to pass the heat, flames and electrical burner respectively, which is not the case with induction cooktop. It offers heat directly to the container. The cooktop’s electromagnetic activity stimulates the electromagnetic field in the pan and so, the pan heats up. Thus here the pan is the starting point of the heat, unlike in gas or electrical cooktop. Thus, because the steps involved in heating are fewer, the time taken to heat the food is less, almost half.

Energy Efficient

It’s quite easy to understand why induction cooking is more energy efficient than electric or gas cooking. While gas produces heat a lot of which is generated around the pan and electrical burner gives out radiant heat with no direct contact with the food container, induction cooking creates heat in the pan itself, and so, most of the heat goes to the food, cooking it fast, without heating your kitchen. This lessens energy consumption resulting in dropped down power bills and a cooler, healthier atmosphere, and of course, more comfort.


Cooktops are obviously the most dangerous places in a household. After all, they’re related to fire. The gas may be left on and it’s the riskiest place for the little ones. In case of induction cooktop, however, most of the risks are eliminated.

Firstly, there is no flame, therefore there is no grease fires.

Secondly, there is no gas, so, no leakage.

But the greatest benefit of the induction cooktop is elimination of burns because heat is created in the pan, rest of the surface is cool and even if you or your kids touch it, you are not burned.

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