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Top 5 Benefits of Wooden Kitchen Tools

juniper wooden butter spreaderWood is a popular material for making kitchen tools like spatulas and spoons since ancient times. Today people are again realizing the importance of wooden kitchen tools. There are many advantages of using wooden kitchen instruments. Here are some of them.

1. Wooden Tools don’t Scratch Your Utensils

Wooden tools are soft and absolutely gentle to use and so, they don’t cause scratches to your other kitchen appliances and utensils. For example, a wooden knife or butter spreader won’t scratch the finish of your nonstick coatings. They even don’t scratch stainless steel and cast iron pots.

2. Wooden Tools are not Noisy

Unlike metal tools, wooden tools are quiet to work with and don’t cause much of noise. So, when a housewife is cooking in the kitchen stirring the dish with a wooden spatula, or even sitting at the table spreading jam or butter with a wooden butter spreader, no one else has to suffer the harsh metal noise.

3. Wooden Tools don’t Conduct Heat

You can easily use wooden tools to stir a dish or take a dish from the pot to your plate because unlike metal it doesn’t become hot with the hot dish as wood is a bad conductor of heat. So, you won’t end up burning your hand. You can’t use another bad conductor of heat, plastic, for the purpose because it will melt with the heat. But wood doesn’t even melt and thus performs a superior job while dealing with hot dishes.

4. Wood is Inert

Another superb quality of wood is that it is inert, i.e. it doesn’t react with the spices and oils contained in the dishes and therefore perfectly safe for our health. It therefore also doesn’t cause metallic taste to the dishes. So, your dishes stay perfectly healthy with wooden tools.

5. Germ-free

Wood is absolutely germ-free and bacteria-free because germs and bacteria don’t like wood. Actually wood has natural germ-killing properties. It has been observed in various studies that bacteria and germs grow much quicker on metal and plastic, than on wood kitchenware.

Take a look at this unique handmade antibacterial juniper butter spreader which is absolutely food-safe and eco-friendly. There are not synthetic chemical lacquers or dyes used in its manufacturing so, it’s perfectly safe for yours and your family’s health. Juniper butter spreader is handmade with care with attention to details to last for years. Grab your piece today to have a high quality handcrafted kitchen tool.

juniper wooden butter spreader 2

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