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Important Points to Consider while Buying a Perfect Wine Cooler

KingsBottle USA wine coolerWhether you have just fallen in love with wine and have started developing your palate or are long-term wine aficionado, proper storage of wine is important for making the most of each wine bottle. Whether you decide to buy a built-in wine cooler for your kitchen or a separate wine refrigerator for a dedicated wine cellar, having a wine cooling appliance in your home is the right way to make sure that your wine remains fresh and ages perfectly. But with so many wine coolers today on the market, it’s difficult for anyone to choose just the right one, since there are so many points to consider. So, here are a few points to make it easy for you to take a decision.


Temperature control is the foremost reason behind buying a good wine cooler like KingsBottle USA. However, the ideal serving temperatures for various wines vary which you should consider first.

Wines generally fall into three categories regarding serving temperatures:

White Wines

White wines usually taste better when chilled, but not so cold to prevent you from distinguishing the delicate flavors. So, ideal serving temperature for these is between 50 and 60 degrees.

Red Wines

Red wines are traditionally served at room temperature which means somewhere from 60 to 65 degrees.

Sparkling Wines

Carbonated drinks taste the best when they are as cold as possible. So for champagne and other sparklers, ideal temperature is 40 degrees.

KingsBottle USA Wines

Single-zone Vs. Dual Zone

Since temperature control is so crucial for the care and enjoyment of your wine, choosing the number of temperature zones you need in your wine cooler is important.

When to Prefer a Single Zone Wine Cooler

As you might guess, a single zone wine cooler has its interior with the same temperature everywhere, just like a standard kitchen refrigerator. So, this cooler will keep all your wines evenly cooled. This is great when:

  • You want a compact storage solution because these are the smallest wine coolers available even as countertop models
  • You want a long-term storage
  • You want various single-zone coolers for various types of wines for better organization

KingsBottle USA Single Zone Wine Cooler

When to Prefer a Dual Zone Wine Cooler

As the name indicates, it has two separate compartments with different temperatures so that you can keep one zone considerably cooler than the other. You can prefer a dual zone cooler when:

  • You want to stock different types of wines
  • You’ve just started enjoying wines and wish to explore different tastes; a dual zone cooler allows you to store various types of wines

KingsBottle USA Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Compressors and Cooling Systems

Understanding how a wine cooler like KingsBottle USA works may make it easy for you to take the right decision. You should know the following points.

Traditional Compressors

Most refrigerators work with a compressor which cools air by passing a chemical refrigerant through coils. The heat in the air inside your refrigerator is absorbed by the refrigerant and is released into the air outside the refrigerator.

Compressor wine coolers are very efficient but need proper ventilation to let the hot air escape. So, the efficiency of your fridge depends on the position of the compressor.

Freestanding Coolers: These are designed to stand alone on the floor or on a countertop and can have their compressor coils on their backside, thereby maintaining a clean look and maximizing storage space. To keep enough air flowing around the fridge, there should be enough free space around this type of cooler.

KingsBottle USA Freestanding Cooler

Built-in Coolers: These are designed to slide under the counter in between kitchen cabinets and so, cannot have their compressors behind. They have the coils and an exhaust grate on the bottom to let air escape easily.

KingsBottle USA Built-in Cooler

Thermoelectric Cooling

Thermoelectric coolers use no chemical refrigerants but instead work by propelling electricity through a heat pump, a very small metal plate. These are totally silent and vibration-free, so a great option for those who wish to age their wines without having sediments in the bottles.

However, it should be remembered that thermoelectric wine coolers don’t get as cold as compressor coolers as their temperature depends on the surrounding temperature; so, they won’t run properly in hot weathers unless you run air conditioner in the room regularly. But it can be a great option for a wine cellar because the basement temperature is generally much cooler and steadier than other parts of the house.

So, are you feeling a little clearer about which wine cooler to choose? Happy shopping!

KingsBottle USA wine cooler

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