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kitchen shearsIt’s been found that kitchen knives whether they’re super sharp or very dull can cause severe damage to tendons in your hand.

Statistics show that there are 1.169 million emergency room visits related to laceration and cuts on the hand or arm are from knives.

kitchen shears cutting chicken

And often the danger is the dull kitchen knife. As they can slip more easily from you hand or from the food you are cutting.  There are several ways you can prevent kitchen cutting accidents. Such as:

•    Keep your knives sharp. Make sure you use sharp knives as it has been found that we are more careful when using a sharp knife. Also using a sharp knife we don’t need to cut as often, which means you have less chance of cutting yourself. Also a sharp knife will cut more cleanly than a dull knife. But always make sure to keep them out of reach of children.
•    Keep your fingers clear. Always slice away from your hand and keep your fingers clear, as this prevents you from accidental cutting your hand. Also curl your fingers under when chopping.
•    Use a chopping board. I know that sounds strange, but many accidents are caused by people using there palm of their hand or freehand over the saucepan or sink.
•    Keep the handle dry. Always keep the handle dry of your knife. It’s also important to keep your palm dry.
•    Don’t leave your knives in the washing up bowl. Never leave knives in the washing up bowl or sink, as you can’t see them in soapy water.
kitchen shears for cracking nuts

Instead of using kitchen knives it’s possible to use heavy duty multipurpose kitchen shears. Many people find that they are as sharp as a kitchen knife. They can be used for cutting up meats such as beef, pork or chicken. They can also be used to chop up vegetables or herbs.


kitchen shears for opening bottle

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