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5 Essential Tips for the Maintenance of Restaurant Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances maintenanceA kitchen of a restaurant is a big affair. There are huge amounts of foods cooked, equal amount of byproducts created and eventually a big hassle to manage and obviously, lots of different kitchen appliances. If even one among these appliances is out of order, there is a huge mess, and the best way to avoid this is regular maintenance. Here are tips shared by experts at, restaurant equipment repair Lincoln NE.

1. Keep Manufacturer’s Manuals at Hand and Refer to them Frequently

The best maintenance procedures can obviously be found in the manufacturer’s manual; so, you should keep these manuals at hand. You can get some general tips from experts and on the internet; however, there is no better guide than these manuals for regular maintenance. Nowadays, most manufacturers publish downloadable versions of their manuals. So, you can keep them in your phones and refer to them conveniently anytime.

2. Make the Most of Warranty Cards

If you want to get full benefits of your warranty cards, you should fill them out, so that you can get free replacement parts and service if needed. You normally get time of one month after delivery to fill the warranty card and return it; so, don’t postpone it.

3. Proper Usage by Employees

Every person is different; so is her/his ability to handle appliances. Someone may be extra careful and someone may be extra negligent, while someone may be somewhere in the middle. It’s your job to check if all your employees are handling your appliances properly. The best alternative is to keep educating them about how to handle the appliances properly. Warranties may not cover repairs caused by misuse. So, teach your employees how to use, clean and maintain the appliances and eliminate the possibility of spending money on problems not covered by warranties.

4. Properly Clean the Appliances Daily

Daily cleaning of appliances is probably the most important procedure to undertake by restaurant owners. Daily and proper cleaning eliminates the possibility of accumulation of food scraps, dirt and grime and thereby damage to the parts of appliances. Clean appliances are also a factor checked by health inspectors.

5. Regular Deep Clean

Before daily causal cleaning, your appliances should undergo deep cleaning, either weekly, or monthly, or half-yearly, depending upon the appliance. This is to be done professionally and its purpose is to clean those parts of the appliances that are normally hard to access. is a commercial appliance repair enterprise which offers services of commercial heating, commercial air conditioning and more. They have over 75 years of combined experience in the commercial HVAC industry, with a range of clientele, from restaurants to office buildings. The image in this article is their courtesy.

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