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Why Laminate Countertops Are the Best for Your Kitchen

laminate kitchen countertop by ArtelyeLaminates were having a bad rep as a material for a kitchen countertop among homeowners; however, times have changed and people are realizing that laminate has its own benefits. Most people look smooth surfaces for their kitchen counters and a variety of materials from high end stones to budget-friendly wood and recycled materials are considered for the purpose. So, why among these, one should prefer laminate? Let’s see.

Studies Say that Laminate is Good!

Among 14 materials tested by Consumer Reports, laminate was proven to resist heat, impact and stains just as efficiently as the other much costlier materials. Besides, it’s available in a great range of colors and patterns.

Another new study by the National Association of Home Builders showed that 71% of the potential home buyers preferred natural stone for their kitchen countertops and 40% said that they are unlikely to choose a home with a laminate countertop; however, this number has now dropped to 25%, obviously because of the benefits of laminate being seen slowly over time.

It’s also the experience of leading companies like Artelye that laminate is getting more and more popular as a countertop material. Artelye offers quality kitchen countertops in Anapolis, Baltimore and other cities in Maryland.


In the countertop tests done by Consumer Reports, laminates and other materials were subjected to stains, slicing, nicking and scorching. It was seen that laminates didn’t face a problem with heat and stains in these tests, though it was scratched easily by knives and wasn’t easily repairable. Therefore a cutting board is essential on a laminate countertop.

laminate kitchen countertop by Artelye

Better Looks

While granite made a comeback as a popular choice for countertops, laminate got better looks with a variety of graphic patterns. Even the ugly dark edge of the laminate has now been eliminated and replaced by a decorative edge. Thus if one wants to be delighted upon entering her/his kitchen, laminate is sure to offer her/him the pleasure.


Laminate is much more inexpensive than most other countertop materials like granite, stone, marble or quartz.

Low Maintenance

Laminate is much easier to clean than most other countertop materials and looks bright quickly with a swift wipe out. You will have to take care to avoid harsh cleaners though. Just use a gentle cleaner, sponge and hot water and it will gleam.

Visit to view a range of Laminate, Marble and Granite countertops Baltimore. This will make it easy for you to choose the most suitable material for you.

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