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6 Amazing Kitchen Renovation Tips to Make You Calm, Composed and Proud

Kitchen RenovationsWhile you think of kitchen renovation, first understand that you have not just to make it look beautiful. It should become organised and functional too. So, while planning for the remodeling, emphasise on how you can make your kitchen a space where you can always be comfortable and fully active. Here are a few useful tips.

1. Think about Functional Arrangements

There is nothing more comfortable than getting things whenever and wherever you want. And more than any other place in the house, a kitchen needs to have this quality. Most kitchen renovations are done without taking this point into consideration and so, the homeowner doesn’t feel as happy as he’d imagined after the remodeling. It’s quite logical to have spaces for breakfast bowls, plates, cutlery and foods near the breakfast table, while your plastic containers and wraps should be near the work surface. Have a space near the dishwasher for used flatware and dishware for easy unloading.

2. Enough Space

Be keen in keeping paths all through the kitchen with a width of at least 36 inches. Those in the cooking zone should be even wider, with a width of 42 inches for a one-cook kitchen and 48 inches for a two-cook kitchen. So, keeping these widths of paths, you should plan your kitchen island accordingly.

3. Make the Kitchen Kid-friendly

If you have kids in your household you cannot restrict them from coming into kitchen. So, better you make kitchen compliant to them. Cooktop should be well out of traffic areas so that kids cannot grab handles and spill anything while running through the kitchen paths. Kids have the habit of using the fridge for finding eatables; so, keep it in such a way that it will be accessible to them and you as well.

4. Functional Doors

Let the doors of cabinets and appliances be fully functional. For this, there should be adequate space for their clearance while you design your kitchen. Remember to keep appliances far from corners and arrange doors in such a way that they won’t knock against each other when opened at the same time.

5. Cooking and Eating on Kitchen Island

If you want to use your kitchen island for cooking as well as eating, remember to keep the cooktop separate safely from the eating area.

6. Do You Cook Frequently or Infrequently?

This also should be considered during kitchen renovations. For example, if you are a frequent cook, you will need more counter space than those who are infrequent cooks or prepare simple meals. Also having two heights for countertop can make baking easy and also help kids if they want to try their hands at cooking sometimes.

Making your kitchen organised and functional in this way will make you more calm and composed while working there and also proud to have such a kitchen.

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