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5 Tips for Granite Countertop Installation that will Make You Proud

Framingham granite countertopsConsidering a granite countertop for your kitchen platform? It’s a perfect choice. However, purchasing a granite slab and installing it in your kitchen or bathroom is quite a big decision. The process of selection, purchase and installation may be expensive as well as overwhelming, especially if you haven’t got professional recommendations during all these processes.

Still installing granite is a fantastic choice because it adds a touch of class to your home particularly when you choose strong and beautiful granite. Here are a few useful tips to make the entire process smooth and pain-free.


1. Always Check Whole Granite Slabs

Granite is a natural stone that may vary a lot in veining, color and patterns. You can’t view these variations accurately when you view smaller-sized samples. Also, you can ask the company to lay out the slab so that you can know precisely what veins or color variations will be seen on particular areas of your countertop and where you can place a seam between two slabs.


2. Don’t Get Carried Away with Very Low Price


If you find prices “too good to be true”, it may mean that the company has no sufficient liability insurance or other overheads that they actually should have. It may also mean that they haven’t included something basic with your countertop installation project, such as sink cutout or the actual installation.


3. Choose the Right Company


As far as possible, hire a company, like New View Granite, a leading Framingham granite countertops provider, fabricator and installer, that fabricate and install all on their own rather than using subcontractors. You should be well aware of people working in your home during the installation of the countertop.

Framingham granite countertops

4. Check if You can Use Leftovers


If you are looking for a small countertop, ask the company if they can provide granite leftovers. These are the leftovers from other jobs and can save your money.


5. Sealing and Cleaning


Ensure that the company will seal your countertop right upon installation. They are also supposed to show you how to clean your new countertop as you don’t want your beautiful new granite countertop to get any stains.

These tips will help you to have a shining smooth granite countertop that you will be proud of.

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