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3 Answers To 3 Grout Sealing Questions

kitchen grout sealingGrout is an important component after you have tiled an area. However, the job is not finished with the grout filling, you would still need to seal the grout for increased protection. Sealing a grout is necessary not only for protection, but also to make the tile installations look beautiful and clean for many years. Before you go on doing a DIY grout sealing, here are some question you might have as well as corresponding answers that can help you get familiarized with grout sealing.

Question #1: Should I seal the porcelain and ceramic tiles?

While other tiles can be sealed, porcelain and ceramic tiles are too dense to seal, the grout lines in those tiles do need some sealing. Grout is extremely porous, making it prone to absorbing grime, dirt, grease, as well as other contaminates. Moreover, unsealed grouts are prone to mold and mildew growth. We know these bad boys are toxic to anyone’s health. Hence, it would be wiser to seal the grout so as to prolong their life and usage.

Question #2: When should I seal the grout?

The best time for you to seal the grout is after it has completely cured. Basically, this is when the grout is new and when it was still clean, so that no stain or dirt gets trapped in there. However, if the grout has already been existing for quite some time and you are unsure if the installers sealed it or you do not plainly remember when the last sealing was, you must ultimately seal it the earliest time possible. Since the grout may be unsealed, you need to make sure that you clean it really well before applying grout sealer

Question #3: Is there a specific grout sealer that I should buy? Or are all grout sealers the same?

There are different types of grout sealers. To decide whether to pick aregular product or something more specific, read this post. Some are classified based on their feature and some by ingredients or brand. Determine which type of sealer you will be needing and then go to your local hardware to check the availability of that specific grout sealer. Do not readily buy famous brands just because they are famous. Sometimes, they are just famous because of their hard work in advertising. Try to ask for reference if your research is insufficient. Avoid purchasing grout sealers which are aerosol types. Studies have shown that aerosol types of sealers may cause health issues for the person using it.

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