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Wood Worktops Vs. Laminate Worktops – A Helpful Comparison

Posted by on Mar 21, 2020 in Kitchen General | Comments Off on Wood Worktops Vs. Laminate Worktops – A Helpful Comparison

If you’re well convinced that your kitchen worktop should either be made of solid wood or laminate, and then if you find yourself unable to determine which one to select, a comparison between the two might be useful. As such, both these materials offer a lot of benefits which make several kitchen-buyers have a dilemma about them. Hopefully, the following points may help you. Wood Worktops Vs. Laminate Worktops Composition Wooden worktops are through and through solid wood. Freshly cut edges have to be applied protective oil to preserve the timber and protect it against changes in heat and moisture levels in the environment. Out of all the wood worktops, oak worktops are the most demanded worktops. Laminate on the other hand contain several layers. The main bulk of the product is formed of a wooden particle board. The...

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Useful Tips for Choosing the Best Wooden Worktop

Posted by on Mar 21, 2020 in Decor | Comments Off on Useful Tips for Choosing the Best Wooden Worktop

Your worktop is the most prominent kitchen element. Not only are its looks important but also its functionality, and therefore you should choose its material carefully. Here are a few options. Solid Wood Using hardwood worktops like oak worktops, or maple, cherry, walnut or beech worktop can add warmth and personality to your kitchen, and it suits mostly all kitchen styles, from a sleek modern townhouse to a rustic farmhouse. Composite A composite worktop is made from natural quartz crystals attached together with binding materials forming a very tough, nonporous material for the worktop. Glass The glass used for making worktops is processed and made strong. It’s hardwearing, nonporous and heat-resistant. Granite/Marble Solid slabs of natural stones like marble or granite are finished to user’s requirements. Laminate This material is made by bonding several layers of impregnated paper. If...

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The Best Rotisserie 2020 – Our Picks For The Best Rotisserie Cooking-Device

Posted by on Mar 11, 2020 in Kitchen Appliances | Comments Off on The Best Rotisserie 2020 – Our Picks For The Best Rotisserie Cooking-Device

How much do you love meat? I am sure, you love it a lot. You may wonder which the best equipment for cooking meat is. This is because today there are so many options available to cook meat, including rotisserie machine, air fryer, vertical rotisserie, slow cooker, toaster oven and more. So, here we thought to help you out to make the decision by comparing these various appliances. But let me first tell you about an innovative appliance named ROTO-Q360 which is World’s First Non-Electric Self-Rotating Rotisserie Machine, i.e. absolutely No Power. No Gas. No Fuel. ROTO-Q 360 self-rotates, automating the entire rotisserie process so that all you need to do is set it up, turn it on, and let it do its job. ROTO-Q 360 does not need any power, gas, or fuel to run making it the...

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5 Great Tips to Create a Greener and Healthier Kitchen

Posted by on Jan 21, 2020 in Kitchen Supplies | Comments Off on 5 Great Tips to Create a Greener and Healthier Kitchen

It’s high time we try to save our earth from harmful man-made products like plastic and reduce our carbon footprint. If you think along the same lines, you can start from your kitchen. There are so many things you can do to implement eco-friendly practices while working in your kitchen. Such a green kitchen will not only be beneficial for the earth, but also for you and your family, in terms of health. Here are a few tips. 1. Use Eco-friendly Kitchenware There are so many eco-friendly materials from which healthier kitchenware can be made. Choose materials like metal, ceramic and wood, instead of plastic. It will be useful for a stress-free kitchen environment and to add a charm to your kitchen. As far as possible, discard all your plastic utensils and Styrofoam bowls, cups and plates to create...

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6 Awesome Tips to Have the Kitchen You Always Dreamt Of

Posted by on Jan 20, 2020 in Decor | Comments Off on 6 Awesome Tips to Have the Kitchen You Always Dreamt Of

Fitting a new kitchen can be pretty daunting. The confusion is mainly created due to the many options available and differences in quality of materials and service, and price. Here are tips to remove confusion from homeowners’ mind and help them buy a new kitchen confidently. 1. Visit the Showroom in Person Visit the showrooms of London kitchen fitters and talk with their experts about your requirements. Never buy a new kitchen just after you looked at it and loved it, no matter how lucrative the ‘special offer’ seems. Reach home, sit down and think upon it. Such ‘special offers’ usually drop down even more when you say ‘no’. 2. Shortlist At Least Two Kitchens Shortlist more than one kitchen designs, at least two. These should be at different budget levels. This may give you a surprising insight of...

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